brian moss art liquid lightshowLIQUID dot LIGHTING
Since 2013 I have been immersed in a sea of analog visuals. Checkout to see more liquid light shows & projections. Below are 3 examples to show range

Starving artist for hire: I have projectors & brushes, and will travel.

For booking or availability send me email correspondence:
if human, send email to: brian @ brianmoss art dot com

Below are some of the music & art festivals bRiAN moSs ARt has painted at, or appeared as a playshop host or liquid lighting specialist, since 2013

All Good
Blossoms Blooming
Camp Barefoot
Fractose Intolerant
Gotta Day
Lunar Bay
Mad Tea Party
Nomadic Roots

Pasture Palooza
Pink Moon
Ragtime Carnival
Sleepy Creek Festivals
Steal Your Fest
Stop The Kaboom!
Urbanna Music Festival

Select designs are available on iPhone cases, iPad cases, Stickers & more on Redbubble

When not starving, throwing lumens or pushing paint around, I sometimes moonlight as an amateur photographer on the weekends. Mostly I capture moments from my travels, but I share some of the more artsy pics here, and others on www.brianmossphotos.comcarribean sunset over horizon

brian moss art flowers