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Colorful abstract & improvisational artwork by former starving artist Brian Moss

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Caution: wet paint. New paintings in progress by artist Brian Moss, as well as updates on current projects, ideas or artworks not yet finished, and other art oriented updates

Fractal Fridays are in full form

brian moss

I am reigniting my restructured weekly art series, which I'll now be sharing at

You can view the first installment at, which is comprised of approximately 400 images available for you to browse or download.

I don't have a high degree of confidence that Yahoo! will continue running Tumblr (where part I is hosted) should investor sentiment change or they need to meet their quarterly numbers, in light of their Alibaba debacle and multi-year shortcomings with their webhosting. While it is trivial to cross-post images I share here to the old site automatically, a clean break is necessary, even at the expense of losing my Tumblr audience. I'll leave the old site up as long as Y! wishes to keep their servers humming, however. By moving this to my website I have more flexibility with respect to the design and file sizes.


All of these digital paintings are released under a non-commercial creative commons (unless noted). This is a fancy way of saying that you are free to repurpose, remix, or reuse these in any manner you like — provided you provide attribution, don't pass the work off as your own, and make no profit from them. For commercial requests, licensing is available & I am happy to clarify if you are unsure.

This series contains works from age 17 thru present, and is a combination of my varied interests spanning across many mediums. A few are quite in depth while others are rough starting points, with most falling somewhere in between. Some are mashups of liquid light images or unpublished paintings, while others are entirely new digitized works created with a variety of software.

This will be a fully visual compilation with little text or context, allowing the images to stand on their own merit.

I am using the term "fractal" loosely, if not incorrectly. While most of this work is mirrored in all or part, slight assymetry creates tension, possibility, or curiosity.