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Colorful abstract & improvisational artwork by former starving artist Brian Moss

Artist Updates, New Projects, Products & Artwork

Caution: wet paint. New paintings in progress by artist Brian Moss, as well as updates on current projects, ideas or artworks not yet finished, and other art oriented updates

Liquid nights are coming soon

brian moss

I finally have a dedicated space for my projections & lightshows, plus I've got room in that barn to setup an area for manufacturing as well.

Did I mention I moved into the mountains to live as a hermit?

Well, before I get into the fun stuff this summer, I must first finish clearing my new Virginian homestead of yard debris on account of all these snakes... Don't worry I'm not killing 'em. I just saw a copperhead not 4 minutes ago mowing leaves, so that is all the yardwork for today!

 where's waldo?

where's waldo?