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Colorful abstract & improvisational artwork by former starving artist Brian Moss

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Caution: wet paint. New paintings in progress by artist Brian Moss, as well as updates on current projects, ideas or artworks not yet finished, and other art oriented updates

New Ink Painting

brian moss

This has been washed with inks and various solvents, such as rubbing alcohol, to dry out the pigments a bit. This will allow me to add brighter colors on top in the foreground.

I am in a bit of a holding pattern with this one and am not sure what direction it is going to go. It may look as though I have plopped a bunch of paint onto it, but there are 5 different shades of yellow so I have put thought into the randomness.

You can see some areas where I have sketched out ideas or lines, but I have no idea how it will end up. Stay tuned...