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Colorful abstract & improvisational artwork by former starving artist Brian Moss

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Caution: wet paint. New paintings in progress by artist Brian Moss, as well as updates on current projects, ideas or artworks not yet finished, and other art oriented updates


brian moss

A couple of quick notes:

  1. I have officially recapitalized my company name from 'bRiAN moSs ARt' → 'Brian Moss Art' for the sake of legibility and because some misunderstood my intention or don't appreciate my sense of humor. Adding the word 'art' to the end of my name didn't take a lot of creative effort on my part, so I'll probably switch to an appropriate pseudonym one of these days. I am winging this as I go.
  2.  I am no longer printing painting titles on the backs of future Brian Moss Art postcards. This will provide a consistent look across all designs, moreso for non-English speakers, and gives maximum blank space to write on which is more important than context. If a postcard recipient is interested in learning about the specific piece, they can scan the QR code to be taken to a page with additional info such as the title and medium with rambling commentary from myself. But most people are interested in the image in the front, which I completely understand. The QR codes are intentionally smaller than the size of a stamp so they can be covered if you are using these for marketing.

    All cards will have a uniform look relatively soon—excluding about 10 unpopular designs which are being sunsetted. I will be sharing free cards with all orders (while supplies last), as I cycle through older cards & make room for new designs
 Reaching its final laps around the sun:  Orbital  (2012 - ?)        photo  via Instagram

Reaching its final laps around the sun: Orbital (2012 - ?)        photo via Instagram