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Colorful abstract & improvisational artwork by former starving artist Brian Moss

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Caution: wet paint. New paintings in progress by artist Brian Moss, as well as updates on current projects, ideas or artworks not yet finished, and other art oriented updates

brian moss

Here is another unfinished painting I've been kicking around. This reminds me of a quote (possibly) mis-attributed to da Vinci:

"Art is never finished, only abandoned"
Surreal festival painting by Brian Moss

The name Taiga is the Russian word for 'Forest' and it is inspired by a number of trips to festivals. I don't know if I want to add fine pen details, or leave it as is in this dreamy abstract state. To be continued ..... possibly

2014 ― present
20" x 30"
Pen & ink, marker, dry eraser marker, acrylic, spray paint