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Colorful abstract & improvisational artwork by former starving artist Brian Moss

Early Artwork, Doodles & Drawings

A sampling of doodles, drawing attempts and early artwork of future starving artist, Brian Moss circa age 13 to age 17

Doodles, Drawings & Sketches, oh my!

Throughout school, I made hundreds+ of doodles. I always completed my schoolwork, but spent my down in the classroom with pen in hand. I would fold these and carry them around in my back pocket, creating the creases seen in some of them. Most were given away or lost but I managed to hold onto several books worth. Most were in black & white, but some had a touch of color, or were made on colored paper which have assignments on the reverse. Here are a few favorites. circa age 16





While I appreciate the nostalgia, these are not particularly skilled or even that interesting. The reason I am sharing them is so that other young artists may not be discouraged by their current skill level.



I also made countless sketches after school at home, with larger canvases and different materials. While many are markedly different from my traditional colorful paintings, it was a necessary evolution for me to go from black & white doodles, to color drawings, to inks, and now to liquids. Circa age 17


And here are some circles I made at the Atlanta College of Art ....


Now that you have seem my humble beginnings, please explore some of my more recent abstract paintings, as well as my liquid lights