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Colorful abstract & improvisational artwork by former starving artist Brian Moss

Fractal Compositions & Nonsensical Suspense

Deconstructed images of everyday scenes reconsidered and mashed up by Brian Moss

brian moss

a kind caring empathetic compassionate mob versus one

a group of people sharing a similar thread, versus one individual being gaslighted


diesel, the majestic weasel
they call him mister careful
trick turning that is graceful
befriends wretched rascals

always picks a bright battle
always kind to his disciples
always into tossing hurdles
all biblical, but never feeble

a splitting image of grateful
gifting selfies to the people
sermons that are unhateful
leads by his own examples

him and the big sandcastle
an exact opposite of subtle
apostle, elephant and fools
staving off a gloryful armful

colluding with briney apple
shanking what's distasteful
cooking humbled mumbles
vengeful wars do not settle

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