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Colorful abstract & improvisational artwork by former starving artist Brian Moss

Fractal Compositions & Nonsensical Suspense

Deconstructed images of everyday scenes reconsidered and mashed up by Brian Moss

Biggest Fanny Pack, Snaps Back, Rat a Tat At That Whack Sad Fake Ass Frat Pack

brian moss


Karl Denson's Tiny Universe came out and the crowd roared their approval. Karl's musical prowess is legendary, and he has been winning over fans for decades. We were all really amped for their set! Their soulful, funky, joyful music can make the saddest person smile. Tiny Universe Came out hot with a ripping "Have You Seen Him", into "Down Down Down". The very air molecules tingled, fueled by a Tiny Universe, and the mountain was alive with dancing souls rejoicing this force. "Everybody Knows That" impassioned the multitude, then "I'm Your Biggest Fan" had everyone weirding (sick, my emphasys). They finessed a soulful "Gossip", then Seth Freeman broke out his slide guitar. They did a sincerely fierce "Just Got Paid Today" by Z Z Topp, and the crowd was delirious! Seth Freeman is impeccable on the slide guitar, and it tugs at my heart to hear him caress the strings.

Define: weirding (slang): to experience or cause to experience an odd, unusual, and sometimes uneasy sensation. Often used and out

DW: You know, I never really felt embarrassed about my situation, not until the first time High Times printed the story. I saw it going up and getting some really mean comments from people. I took it really to heart, man. All these random people online were like saying that I was a drug smuggler and all kinds of stuff, but no one had any of the details of the story or knew what happened. More importantly, these people didn’t even know who I was (my emphasis). I think that was the first time I felt any sort of embarrassment from my situation. That’s when I just decided to stay away from the internet altogether for a while. This was right when I was starting to feel good about being home again, getting my life back, and getting back into the music.

Random people, hurting your feelings. Must be tough DJ. Was it a bunch of people with aliases? Did they take paintings from you or just dignity? Do they prank call your personal cell phone number from time to time or send you outlandish emails, especially recently since you stopped not reacting? Did people spend 5 years gaslighting you until you overreacted? Did they destroy your professional reputation and then come after more? Are they in a mob working off of emotion do you think, or just random people. People don’t know how to handle overreactions. Did you try that? Did you just ignore it and it went away? Did it follow you for 5 or more years? You sent them a home baked apple pie and a nice leave me a lone note and they just backed off? Anybody have an ax to grind, maybe an ex-this, an ex-that, or an ex-whomever adding to the confirmation bias cake mix? If it’s a group of people colluding that is called a conspiracy.

Hindsight is something you don’t see until after the fact, right, after you have been blindsided and gaslighted. Things that are irrational, only make sense a decade after the fact type of thing.

I just wrote a super lengthy paragraph pattered with lots of dumb words that show my perspective, what’s the use. Ever spend an hour typing just free association, wordplay, dumb repetitive rhyming. To illustrate a point nobody sees? All talk no walk, people stalk your online presence DJ? Scrutinize every thing about you not caring the details or the pertinent facts? Give you grief for your dumb tweets, your dumb website circa mid-January 2014? Ever had a competitor write a fake review about you DJ, posed as a real customer? Someone(s) buy the cheapest item(s) you sell and turn a $5 grievance from an anthill into a mountain? A decade later a legitimate customer can give you grief over something that isn’t even entirely accurate, confirming their biases because that is what people do. Ever have other bands shoot spitballs at you from shadows while you are rocking out to stadium mode on Guitar Hero? People working to discredit you, throw you off your game for no other reason than for a laugh? The people being mean to you what was it like? You just ignored it and it went away I bet. Did it take 5 years of ignoring it? People let up or did they just keep on provoking you until your final breath?

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