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Colorful abstract & improvisational artwork by former starving artist Brian Moss

Fractal Compositions & Nonsensical Suspense

Deconstructed images of everyday scenes reconsidered and mashed up by Brian Moss, who you may know as the guy who was harassed endlessly by a mob born on Jamcruise XII

brian moss

Below is a collage I published in March 2017 in response to years worth of harassment, after I was the target of a mob aboard Jamcruise XII in January, 2014. I made this after countless provocations, after the Familiar Stare EP, questionably provocative given the undue tension after the overreactions

I am crazy. The mob gaslighting me are working super hard to let me know how crazy I am, and how this misunderstanding is never going to be buried. Painting me as crazy with their mumbled fumbled pass backs. No take backs, I said that day 1



Les Claypool, the dude from Primus, humiliated me in front of hundreds of people aboard this floating jam scene, thus demonstrating how widespread the harassment was. A mob of people formed and with mob mentality in mind, harassed me, and continue to do so until this day as of October, 2018

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