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Colorful abstract & improvisational artwork by former starving artist Brian Moss

Latest & Tardiest Fractals & Digitals

A quick look at the most recent 30 “fractals” by “artist” Brian Moss for your viewing interest, and for google to index

Without a lookout, the ‘30 Most Recent Fractals & Mirrored Visuals’ :
(with a side of satirical purple prose, over tiny perpetual libels & slanders,
about non sequitur anecdotes, and pterodactyls (the pee is silently absent))

Crimes against, decency
Chimes of, despondency
I am a poet look you see
What rhymes with fancy?

Songs of chorus with me
sing with me

just repeat, verses three
I am a poet look you see
once more, repeat w/ me
I am a poet look you see
I made a song, crazy me

mumble very quickly and fast
pickup the pace






indecency, protected by free speech,

abhorrently, flagrantly, unbecomingly, ardently, absently,

efficiently, intentionally, willfully without transparency aliases
punch me,


hey hey he