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Colorful abstract & improvisational artwork by former starving artist Brian Moss

Jamcruise Mob Anti-Bullying PSA Message of Love

Hi my name is Brian Moss. For years, I have been harassed and provoked by members of a mob born out of emotion on Jamcruise, a floating cruise festival, in January of 2014. People won’t let me be so everyone is going to know how crazy this shit is



kill enough school mates and they’ll write a song about you, not in a good way either



So many young people may not have an outlet; be it art, words, sports, the violin. This is an anti PSA for the adults bullying me as part of mob festival who may have kids reading this page. Life is crazy as shit, trust me. And it doesn’t get easier for almost everybody. Most kids are bullied. Shit, some adults are bullied by a mob born on Jamcruise XII. I am 100% crazy that’s why I am being gaslighted as I type this sentence. Ignored, and bullied, at the same time. You think they are done ignoring me as they are continuing to provoke me? “Freedom of speech” means you can provoke someone endlessly. That is gaslighting 101. I digress, do you think Lebron James just woke up and was the best GOAT? Genetics, luck, practice, determination. Perseverance is knowing what battles to pick and when to not quit. Ignore 99% of battles and you’ll probably do better than some. I am crazy and rambling and did I mention I am crazy? People gaslight you enough and you are just like oh you think I am crazy, that gives me more freedom. You know Da Vinci had an eye condition? You’ll never paint as good as Rembrandt if you don’t share the same degenerative eye condition. Pick up a skateboard, don’t shoot your classmates or coworkers or anybody for that matter. Life will be easier for everyone if we all treat each other a little more kind like those hippies are always railing on about

Reading the comments of some videos is saddening. I don’t want to feature any actual crimes or violence and hope the visual content of these videos is not disturbing. If you shoot other people you are a coward. Want to be a coward? Write veiled cryptic lyrics bullying someone into your adulthood because that’s what poets do. The audio portion of these videos is provocative. Parental advisory and all that jazz


If you are bullied enough, Karl Denson and a mob of bullies will write a song for you. They’ll do it in a non satirical way, painting you as the bad guy with loaded veils and a lack of facts. Them not acknowledging they are in a mob, and that they are the bullies, will bully you in the most self righteous way. They’ll shoot you up and sniper your character before you have a chance to speak. I have autism, that means I am going to shoot up the next fast food establishment or video rental service I frequent. Pretty much I blow up about everything possible last thing which is why I ignored this harassment for more than 3 years which is why I am so beyond removed from being concerned about overreacting. I am going to turn this frustration around. Flip some more tables. Bring a little empathy into someone’s lives. Poke, react, poke, react, here is the sound of my verbal assault. For years people provoked me, now they are provoking me more and also ignoring me. Ignore this. That is what people who don’t have feelings and have been bullied endlessly do. They maim enough to get onto the nightly news high score count. I think the current threshold stands at 4, that is how many innocent people you need to murder in cold blood to get attention these days, used to be a small number

If you feel like shooting your classmates (I don’t and never did, but I can appreciate why one might), put your thoughts into words. Don’t do like I do and hit the publish button everyone thinking your crazy, but write for yourself. Do something productive, proactive, not reactive. School sucks for most, some jobs suck too but the latter is a choice

School, is pretty much the last time you have to be told what to do in general. You have to obey stoplights and stuff, but there is nobody forcing you to do anything after you graduate, or when you hit the age where the state says whatever


I have never seen this movie. Don’t intend do see it either. Have seen some scenes, I think this is saying a lot. Most popular song ever (maybe sans STAN and SMELLS LIKE TEEN SPIRIT, shaking my head), not going for intellectual highbrow art with some folks or this scene either. His piano is pretty sloppy too. I presume the kid spent time (or plays in life?)




Do you like the song “Jeremy” by Pearl Jam?
You like the song Rival? Not my favorite song either
You know they stopped making music videos after this?
I think the song is factually inaccurate and hurtful to the Mother
I bet that they left out the part WHY he randomly murdered himself
Think that his biggest bullies were in this English classroom that day?

R.I.P. Jeremy [redacted], very talented artist that guy was. I don’t want to glamorize what he did or attract web visitors by linking his name. Hope that makes sense to you, Karl Denson and M.o.B., why I would not want to encourage more violence



Pumped Up Kicks - Foster The People

I won’t quote the lyrics here. THIS Is a song I’ve heard a lot on your “scene” Karl Denson, Julie McCoy, Mobsters, Bullies

Worse than that HEY YA people sing without any sense of irony

Suck at making money as a professional musician? Write jingles. Half decent advice for a lot of people in your crew trying to make the weekend warrior route work worse than you criticize me for a lack of expenses



Youth of a Nation - POD

Who remembers this song which came out after Columbine kind of rocked the whole country. Who remembers watching that live on CNN, the day it was unfolding. Me, 3 hours out of school earlier than them, Everyone was in disbelief, then, it started happening all the time. Kids saw a way out, a cheap way out, glorified by media, picked on by cowardly punks worse than Karl Denson



Columbine High Blues - Countess

Feeling uninspired mob? Looking for a topic to exploit. Just add blues to the end of anything and it sounds like you are reaching for something, fighting for an actual cause, not bullying some dude in a mob

Here the anger in this, the illusion of screams? Metaphor isn’t the word isn’t that something we don’t understand



Karl Denson, I petition you to release the lyrics to your hateful battle anthem, someone setup an online petition