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Colorful abstract & improvisational artwork by former starving artist Brian Moss

Closing Arguments for Jamcruise born Mob

I have some closing thoughts on my opening pre-amble to the Jamcruise XII mob from January 2014, led by Karl Denson, who has been harassing me repeatedly for the past 5 years

A final and last open letter to the mob regarding my intentions

First, to the readers of this not in a mob who think I am batshit crazy. Hopefully judging me as harshly as you would yourself in my shoes. I am no different than you. We are on the same team, the same level, if not on the same page. I don’t disagree with everything. I don’t agree with everything I think. I change my mind on things as details change or new facts or perspectives present themselves. I didn’t believe in God, now I think I do believe in something that sort of thing that isn’t a simple flip of a switch. I don’t feel like a single person on this planet understands me that is why I am so verbose. A literal mob of musicians, some of them thinking they are bigshots relative to me, are harassing me. One or more other people are harassing me with fake email addresses, punching my inboxes my Etsy, giving me grief all around. People are using the fact that my wells have been poisoned to poison me, that makes me think they are intent on poisoning my well too. That is psychological warfare. I don’t believe in Revenge, the Death Penalty. I think drugs should be decriminalized, at least the stuff like pot. I don’t do drugs, but I have done my share, far less than people think I imagine. I drink to excess, I have been known to vape. I am not saying these are not vices, but the chance of me overdosing on these is virtually zero. I don’t think kids under 21 should be allowed to buy recreational marijuana, don’t think we should install bongs in our vehicles. I don’t think we should sell Heroin at the convenience store or Rite Aid, but I do think that our approach to hard drugs and opioids is not working. I think most agree it’s a medical or social or addicition, not a criminal matter (unless they are stealing, driving while using). If you have never known an addict then you have people in your life that don’t trust you enough to confide in. You have people in your social circle who are addicts. People who need help, compassion, time to change their views or to clean up. People who feel like their government doesn’t give 1 shit about them. Some addicts do lots of hard drugs and function, those are the exceptions though and generally they have a very high paying job and may have a job that lends to being jacked up, like Robin Williams in the 80’s. Cocaine was a performance enhancing drug for him, he was probably on stimulants when he woke up how quick his mind worked. Then just add coke, and you’ll never shut him up. I feel like I am on cocaine all day, just amped up, my brain is running too fast. Curse or a blessing. I’d say I am generally better at channeling it then writing autobiographical nonsensical roasts to get under karl’s skin. What a jerk that guy is, worse than Steve Martin’s first movie about a character on the spectrum. Worse than Forest Gump, as gullible and oblivious and generally well meaning as he is, just finds himself in weird places and just says yes to life. If you say yes to everything you’ll never have enough time to do anything else. He has no book smarts, but plenty of rich experience. That is one end of a spectrum that is not black or white it is every shade. It’s not about “high functioning” or whatever label, it is an inflammation of the brain and too much sensory overload. Kids aren’t complaining about the lights flickering, that is a distraction. My eyes are crazy sensitive it makes no sense, it’s more pronounced in the past few months. Is there a link to Autism and MS, no, but they both share a link with my eyeballs somehow I don’t have the answers. Just observations. I said I wasn’t going to digress shit. No backtracking. The people in this mob don’t want me to talk about the fact that people do drugs anymore than they want me to talk about this harassment. They have nothing to say, make less sense than a beck song, and say the same for me. Do I sound like I am mumbling worse than Karl when he is trying to obfuscate his intentions in the fast part of “I’m Your Biggest Fan”? I am not going to be offering commentary on specific things, I am going to be putting that all fact less observational things in my briefing I am compiling detailing years of this. Like most people I think people should generally be free to be left to their own devices within reason. If you screw up try again, short of something like rape or murder or all those things the news feeds down our throats. Even petty burglary if it’s not with intent to hurt or damage someone for the rest of their life. I think 99.9% of people are good that is what I think. I think 1 out of 1,000 need help, maybe they need to do their own thing and be racist or whatever their thing is. Okay you hate jews, you get in that, oh no not beside that line over here. Okay you hate white people, okay get in this line. You are a jew and you hate jewish people? We will start a line for you, when enough people you each can go claim 40 acres out in Canada or somewhere far up north and be whatever you aspire to be. Build your own electricity plants, do your own infrastructure, decide how you want your world wide web to operate (more freedom less censorship). Setup your banking, your housing. See if you really want to be as exclusive as you do now. Not all of you are going to be perfectly well adjusted. Do you help out those less fortunate people with handouts as you transition to a new civilization. Just you and your racist friends. No other points of view. No entertainment. If you don’t like black people that takes out a number of sports categories right? You get to setup your own jails and decide if you want to rehabilitate your people who don’t follow your new rules or just kill them or what. In racistopia, you just have duels. Don’t agree with the service at your 5 star restaurants? Just shoot the chef or the wait staff. Everyone armed to the teeth, in case anyone threatens you. Do you have more than 1 religion in Racistopia or just what you think everyone needs to be preached? What about jewish people, similar to the whole christian thing. Wasn’t Jesus from Judeau or somewhere like that. Do you believe in the catholics, what with the allegations, you going to allow them to burn people at the stake in Racistopia? You and all the people like you and none of us to deal with

Forget my tangents they are not reading, the people (and they are people) in a mob harassing me (also a person, with feelings and a heart and a brain) don’t want me to make silly fractal art, don’t want me to run my business in an effective manner, are intent on destroying me after they have caused irreparable damage to my reputation. I say this and they think it’s funny that I am worked up saying this. They ignore what I am saying because I had 50 days of eminem mashups to build my audience so I can flip the table. They put a cork in my liquid lightshows, and I haven’t done once since June 2nd, 2017 when Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe intentionally crossed me and forced me to cancel a gig. Spent all that time setting up, had 5 projectors that nobody wanted to watch because my well had been poisoned before I plugged in. That was pretty shitty, Karl. You did it intentionally. You are going to hit on me on Wednesday probably, this weekened, next, every weekend. Your next album, see if I fight you on that if it is super identifiable in the way this song is due to the oddly specific details and your intention and everything surrounding this nonsense, as les claypool correct asserted. I’ll be linking interviews in my presentation for my attorney. That will be private and not for your consumption. I’ve argued my case publicly and wasted hundreds of hours doing it. That was intentional. My autistic characters like Eminem (also Karl ripped him off), Robin Williams, etc. Stupid poets society was about Robin Williams having autism, about how that movie makes good soundbytes but the story was crazier than Dirty Dancing. Do I sound like I am mentally retarded? I am not sophisticated, I don’t know which side of my plate to put my silverware sometimes but I can follow along. Karl things he is the biggest rock star that has ever lived it seems like some of his coworkers have rubbed off on him. My name is at the top of this page, that is a descriptor. Your name is at the top of your bands webpage and you barely make reference to your band. As if you are Dylan (no disrespect, like Karl, I think he is also autistic). Mentally retarded is what some of them think. They can hit me back and because I am this or that I won’t react. So they continue to provoke. All you know how to do is repeat, repetition, oh I am a poet where is my sticker. They think I think I am smart (I don’t) because I read too much (this is something I’ve gotten better at) and because I am reserved and cautious around new people they think I am arrogant. You think I am less or more cautious after people like Tacobell provoke me? Because I have issues with tone or all sorts of benign things, they can make up whatever narrative they want, as long as it rhymes. Got a piece of glass stuck in my foot (hence is why I use plexiglass in my wheels now), and they thought I was faking that. I had that in my foot for 2 festivals back to back and didn’t cancel either one. The guy I was doing lights with was giving me grief, Tacobell was using that as more gossip. I left a styrofoam cooler because I was in so much pain I could’t make the incline to take it clear across the way to the trash. I was literally in tears when I left there and it cost me hundreds of dollars to have that glass sliver surgically removed. I am going to get the amount doctor address, etc. That seems innocuous and it is but it adds to my case if people don’t believe that or used that to poison my well or say I would trash a fest when that is the 1% example. Me giving out free novelties I have too much of? Shoot me. Giving out 100 dozen clown noses on an unsuspecting festival and not broadcasting it was me, that was hilarious. Yeah I have access to them and they were on clearance and a different style than I sell, see how that takes away all the magic? Nobody know they were from me and that is why it worked. I didn’t take credit. It was hilarious for that 1 day or maybe 2, but seeing little red dots start filling the landscape, the promoter of the festival having no idea what the hell. That was a public art prank where everyone was in on the joke. That is the kind of prank you can sign me up for. Something where there are no victims besides my margins. That piece of glass in my toe — me finding out details about crap like that from 4 years ago, that one detail that will be glossed over, all that is going to take my time to construct. This is going to take me hundreds of hours. See if I care or if that phases me. They think all my neurons aren’t firing and that is actually the truth, but I digress. My memory is as sharp as ever, maybe sharper. I am remember stuff I haven’t thought about with this MS crap, maybe that is my body’s way of overcompensating or getting ready for what’s next? My body thinks it is dying, it does not know what science is. My mind knows something is wrong with my vision, it’s kind of its job really to process that. You can argue that is the reason I got verbal, maybe that is another reason why I stopped caring about being silent about this. Just said enough. Pivot here we come. Life is crazy. I can outrhyme them and will but I don’t need to and don’t want to feel like an asshole everyday. My writing isn’t any better than any of their best stuff but I can freestyle them for 15 hours in a single 24 hour period and have on more than one occasion in the past week. Sober, like it’s nothing. Then I deleted it all to prove that it was all for nothing. Makes no difference to me. No cathartic release. I am fleshing out my ideas, building my spreadsheet, working on my legal case as I react to them riling me up for so many years. People joining a mob and harassing a lone individual for years is equally impressive and just as crazy. All of my monologues have been written in a freestyle, loose, free association way with minimal edits. I am putting zero effort into any of this most of which I have deleted because being an asshole is less fun than I thought. If I had a 3rd draft and deleted 60% of the words I might have something that is not my intent. My words have been cluttered with rickroll links to waste the mobs time. I namecheck them so they will read it. I share common interests and have wasted some people’s time (sorry if at included any of yours, I have spent an awful lot of my time typing). I don’t think the people criticizing me want me to criticize them, that is how people prefer that a 1 way street. I don’t criticize people unless I have been slighted intentionally. I don’t think one of the musicians harassing me are ever going to be in the Cleveland hall of fame or win any big trophies. They think I am never going to be in any museum or not going to sell my paintings for 3.1 million dollars like that is what I am after. They misinterpret everything and have shown this repeatedly. I have given misinformation people to Drew for example and this has confirmed my observations. This is nuanced and is deeper than it looks even from my perspective. Did I mention 4 of my paintings were taken in this paragraph yet? That was my intent, to divert and confuse & waste time of the mob. I didn’t waste as much of my time as I have wasted laying out my case and remembering pieces of this puzzle which I’ll be representing over the coming months, minus all the anecdotes and fbombs. I don’t think I should present a bunch of colorful language to my prospective attorney(s) unless I am quoting dialogue or lyrics or something. I won’t be saying trump is a murderer in my attorney’s presentation. Won’t be going on and on about the best Pearl Jam song from Yield or adding my thoughts about anything as I won’t need to waste the time of my attorney, not if I am prepaying it before Karl repays it. If I wasted yours I am sorry, maybe you got a musical recommendation or a laugh out of some of it. I don’t care about misspellings on a first draft. It’s a good thing I am an exceptional typer or I could see where writing this would be a hassle what with the blurry text and all. It’s not an overlapping trail it is off by a tiny fraction, it’s not double vision it is like I have eyelashes in both of my eyes or lint in both of my eyes. They are irritated to no end, typing this probably is why my first episode was an extended edition. 6- 8 weeks is what I was supposed to be in for, stuck at a chair when the heat was going crazy, I can’t even sit in direct sun how crazy is that. That makes zero sense. That is going to interfere with yardwork number one. Going to be having less fun at waterparks if this is going to be a recurrent thing. All my crap I am dealing with, I have to deal with a mob as well. I have written these freestyle stupid monologues to waste their time because a mob of people has been harassing me for 5 years and would not letup. Many of these people think they are professional writers, they think they are compelling yet all of the lines rhyme which is fine, but it’s less impressive. You want engagement? Make everything double space. Switch up the formatting. That is how you get cheap engagement. If you are reading this sentence in this long ass paragraph it is because of my writing style, my personality, or because you are in a mob likely. It’s because I have had lots of other stuff that this is even readable. If I see a paragraph this long I wouldn’t read it. Like the terms & conditions they do that and format it that way as a psychological trick. By making this long and unreadable it makes you want to read it more or say nope. People who think they are going to or have turned me into a meme don’t even understand some of the things they think. I am not talking about conspiracy theories, just what you believe in what you stand for. This is the battle you chose, picking on me? All of you versus one that is fair. I will fight all of you because you don’t think I can. You think there is power in numbers in shadows. Some of these people can make better art than me (the bass player for Pgroove is a much better visual artist than me with respect to illustration, not my area of interest but I look at his stuff and say it would take me effort to do that, as a comparison, people look at my stuff and they go “I can do that” or “I don’t know how he did that”, which is not what I am thinking when I am doing mostly freestyle paintings or whatever) as if we are in a competition. DJ Williams can outplay me in guitar hero & regular guitar as can 99% of the people in this mob. DJ is a better guitarist than other guitarists who are harassing me but he can’t say that without sounding arrogant. I won’t namecheck people. Some people I like their words more than their guitar. I went to one fest and it was like 5 or 10 of my favorite guitarists, just a stupid billing and I made some silly out of context joke on my tour page. I built a tour page for my lack of dates as a joke. On jamcruise, where I couldn’t fly with inks, I didn’t bring anything but a sketchpad and a camera, and ended up just consuming copious amounts of booze mostly. Someone put ecstasy in my hand within 1 hour of me being on that boat in 2014, some dude was like do you want some because I was doodling I don’t know. I haven’t done that drug in years, it is a fun drug but it’s dangerous and it’s not good for my own chemistry. I have found through time, that I’ll be down for weeks if I take a drug like that, just kills my serotonin levels for ages afterwards with a regular or even light dose. Seeing colors is fun, seeing everyone’s aura, being super into human touch & hugging is fun, the empathy drug. For me that is overwhelming that type of drug. Too much truth huh. To each their own. I didn’t think oh this is like 8am, say no thank you. I said sure and that was representative of my trip that week. Sure why not.

All of these fake poets who rely on a webpage for vocabulary need to read more if they want to be better at scrabble, wordplay, writing flagrant poetry disguised as art, it’s not a competition. They think they are writers and they are, technically I am too. Look at this page I wrote today in 3 hours. Plus I wrote another page, and I am doing stuff like laundry too. While writing this, reading other stuff and answering emails. What did you write today jamcruise born mob poets (no disrespect to any writers not punching down on me obviously). Everyone orchestra dude, what phrases did you collect today? I steal all the time that is what artists do right. Sometimes we don’t mean to steal, sometimes it’s unintentional or it could be a post or something that you didn’t hit enter on but got posted, or something oblivious which may not may seem plausible looking out but I am a ball of mixups. That is why mashups work, two disparate ideas coming together equaling more than the parts. Chaos + beauty right. I am going to see if I can get concrete evidence of me using that phrase prior to January of 2014, I can’t date it back that far. When I started my fractalfriday website, it was an idea and you judged everything you know about me based on that. Based on a site full of doodles. Facts are fun huh. You have no objectivity, dude. Nor does your mob. You are in a mob. Deal with it. Leave the mob, or kill me. I have rhymes and metaphors for days, I can outrhyme any of them but I am not competing. I like that they see I can rhyme and have free association they don’t. I’ll say things I shouldn’t, and even though I delete them I am like oh I shouldn’t namecheck that person or say that even if I can. Karl I can write 12 paragraphs about you everyday as a personal challenge. You have so much to pop on. You represent wealth disparity, you represent Donald Trump and his brash style of politics. I think Donald is on the spectrum and I think Karl is as well. Arrest me. I think probably a lot of people who have climbed to the echelons of their chosen paths are, not that their is a correlation, other than perserverance and tenacity. Autism is about focus. I can spend 12 hours writing today if I want to, and it is 12pm. I just don’t care. If my arm cramps up I’ll keep going if I need to finish my thought. I am done for now this is my last post, but I think I have made a point. This post this 24/7/365 brain that is running nonstop is what it feels like. I never have a minute of peace my mind is always overactive I never have a moment not thinking unless listening to music, or a pod those sometimes help. Doing projections or something like that I feel in the moment, but very little reprieve. If you know what I mean and are always wired all day, take an an autism test and see if you need a professional diagnosis if you even care. Maybe that is ADHD and the autism is everything else applies to me, because my mind is always distracted? The mob, they see that I am not the mentally handicapped weakling that they thought. I speak about how I don’t hate them, I forgive them, I want them to leave me alone, while I am roasting on Karl for having oversized forearms, and they think I am challenging them. I didn’t start this, they are fighting like cowards. Misinterpret what you will. Soon they are going to see if I am all talk or any walk. They worked tirelessly to get me to react, and now they don’t want me to shut up which is why they are continuing to ignore while, while also, confusingly, harassing me still. As much as you think I should not be on a soapbox wasting other people’s time, don’t lose sight of the fact that COUNTLESS people have been harassing me for years, intermittently. Then Karl declares nuclear warfare and has the gumption to act like he doesn’t know I am offended. Hi Erik. There are a lot of cells in this mob working to discredit me and provoke me in different ways. People are fighting a proxy battle, some more intentionally than others, some are very gung ho and I suspect some are sympathetic to my situation (even if they don’t agree with my opinion on everything or my way of dealing with this). Based on statistics some of the people in this mob are a sociopath. Based on stats, some of them know someone close to them with MS. I am at the beginning stages so you can hit me all day long, but at some point you hitting on me if my situation changes is going to make your argument less strong. The fact that I am a single individual being attacked by lots of different groups says plenty about your fighting strategy. I fight out in the open with exceptions. When I don’t I delete that and don’t cause impacting damage. Karl you are causing permanent damage that can not be repaired. All of the bridges that have been burnt by you with respect to my relationships, which I have a damn hard enough time maintaining as it is (!!), those are not all going to be repaired. You going to go around with a mortar and trowel fixing my bridges you dropped napalm & nuclear weapons on old ma? Big nope. You aren’t even going to apologize as much money as I will expend on this nonsense over the coming years

In summary, this is completely out of character and crazy. 99% of the time I am reserved, quiet, I am not the guy at the end of the bar yelling. I am not a loud drunk. I am just the crazy insane guy minding his own business, got to watch out for people minding their own business. I don’t pick on people. Look at my soapboxes, my ecommerce nonsense, I don’t use those vehicles to share my political (lack of) views, my distrust for our government. This is my personal opinion of my personal hobby. Is words art? I don’t know, this is not very good art whatever it is. The point of this exercise has to give the mob a reaction they have been waiting for and working so hard for. They know nothing about me, they have varied interests and hobbies like me. We probably share similar tastes in music. They are animals like me, as are you, and we are all susceptible to human emotions. A mob was formed out of emotion. Jamcruise didn’t quell this and now here we are. My overreactions full of rickroll youtube links and anecdotes are for people who think I don’t have anything to say and no humor in my delivery. People who have read my words or my links must have a lot of free time or who knows what. My intention of sharing my words wasn’t to necessarily entertain, but if I am the butt of another joke in order to flip tables then so be it. This page details how the tables are going to be flipped over the next coming years

Karl thinks he can be funny by rhyming any sentence by saying any derogatory defamatory thing he ca think of. He uses provocative language to be provoke. He provoked someone he thought was mentally retarded, or at best beneath him intellectually. I think Karl is on the autism spectrum that is just my opinion. I can see where people would get carried away with rhyming since you have so few words to choose from you can never say what you want, I guess some people just say anything and with exaggeration can say whatever they want. Just be overly vague versus oddly specific and you graduated poet college.Trick is to pick super simple words to end the line on and then work backwards, like hate is a good one Karl. You got berate, fate, castrate, litigate, dominate, these are just off the top of my head no stupid page

Another crazy whipped post
will he snap, what is with the autistic snapper food references by Karl’s solo work?
when is he going to snap already honey?
I thought for sure he was going to snap by now!?
has he blown anything up yet, honey?

he is the guy who sent those pipe bombs and did all the other crazy stuff

Thanks for all of your concern wellwishers

I am done being frustrated, my vision is improving (hit or miss that is what is funny to me, not like a linear get better)
I am going to be meeting with attorney’s hopefully by the end of Q1 of 2019
I didn’t deserve 10% of this nonsense

If you think I did. if you are from my past and have been poisoning my well adding this nonsense you should take a look in the mirror and see if you like what you see. I didn’t like who I was at age like 15, 16, really the teen years, so I made changes. We are all capable of changing our opinion, our conviction, even if we are in a mob

I don’t think people who have been harassing me for years, who I have now riled up intentionally, are going to change with respect to how they feel about me. Might dislike me even more Karl huh old man rhyme

You can start a nuclear war and I can’t have a little fun poking back in a friendly fire kind of way? People holding grudges ask Adria the Alas about that one

I have lots of rough edges, I am outspoken when provoked enough, I am the best mark for bullies, big old magnet on my back story of my life

OCTOBER 30th, 2018 — For 5 years I have been on the receiving end of aggravated harassment from Karl Denson, Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe, Brock Butler & his band Perpetual Groove, Jamcruise, Cloud 9 Adventures, and countless COUNTLESS other smaller players, jamcruise associated acts & musicians, patrons, fans, volunteers, and cowards punching me from the shadows using aliases worse than some persona Adria which is now backpedlling. Adria I will spend my entire savings every penny I have accumulated on this watch the destruction you willfully caused as it sends waves back to you. You act like a sociopath Adria. I am autistic, so that means I am a psychopath right and I kill people and have no feelings and just ask for handouts from the government and I don’t have any work ethic, no internal drive, no ideas, just all provocation like you. I have 5 ideas per idea I don’t even bother to even write down. I got big ideas for building botanical gardens to bring our country together that I would never be able to get off the ground. What are you trying to do to improve the world? Punch down on me to keep me less active and so you can be entertained. You don’t know 1% about my story and you wouldn’t make it very far in my shoes before you gave up Adria, you are a cowardly punk. A WV promoter Taco [redacted] has poisoned my well repeatedly, he has provoked me to my face on multiple occasions, as have countless other people over 5 years. Hi Carter Hi Allen(alan?) you are getting subpoenas in 1-3 years to speak about someone yelling something into my tent and the well poisoning that has gone. You have plenty of time to think about whether you want to be truthful or plead the 5th. Some people like Adria are going to dodge the first summons. Watch. Dozens & dozens of people are going to be getting (optional) legal questionnaires. People who haven’t thought of me once in years are going to be bugged by my attorney for testimony or statements supporting my claims. I will try and apologize to them in advance in a super awkward way. This is going to take all of my time, my money, and it’s going to be a huge distraction. I am ready to begin

The truth is, I can write for 12 hours per day rhyming these fools 6 or 7 days per week without issue, showing how weak their writing skills are but that just makes us both assholes. For 5 months I have been intentionally riling up the other side. This was after years of unwarranted, unwelcome, unappreciated harassment. Karl intentionally caused me to cancel a gig on June 2nd, 2017, and has not let up since. He has no remorse, he believes I do not have feelings and people in this scene have alluded to that. I said more than 1+ year ago what I was doing and I am doing that. I am splitting herds. I am causing dissension by speaking out about this aggravated harassment. Karl denson had every opportunity to back off. If you are picking on someone and they mention suicide & seem overly distraught, that is your chance to back off in a graceful manner and not be a huge dick. His label, his management, his booking promoter, countless mutual acquaintances, all of the aforementioned people know I am 100.00% offended that is why they kept provoking me year after year. You are going to justify your actions, you can try and say that isn’t about me, as if, that you have freedom of speech confused with something else, you aren’t going to argue you are not 100.00% aware I am offended


If you are at home mocking me, sharing this, eating popcorn at the misery I am dealing with brought to other people enjoy. That is what our country was founded on. My attorney will lighting fireworks, this was just a pre-ramble. Think I am going to hook up with the first attorney I meet?

I am going to spend hundred, and hundreds of hours laying out my case. I am going to provide documentation in full detail. I am not going to mention any grunge bands or any other rick roll videos to waste people’s time. When I started this on June 1st, I started sharing crazy jaws / eminem mashups to build my audience. More than 1 year ago people were aware that I was offended. I let the other side know that I was making 52 albums and I dropped a few weak hints so they could make the choice to back off, or double down. More than 1 year ago I said exactly what I was going to do. Today is 10/30/18. This may take me 3-4 years or longer. For up to 6 months or however long it takes, I am going to be building my legal case. Next year, or whenever, when people start getting paperwork like I said more than 1 year ago, don’t act shocked. Karl when your employees and venues start getting served, you had better not have the audacity to say what is this about, and you had better not be interested in settling anything. You do not see me as a human, let alone an equal as all 7 or 8 billion of us are. You see yourself above everyone, even your employees. That is not your band, you are a solo act, they are your possession. When this goes to court, the reason I am upset is because of years of harassment. You are intentionally causing me emotional harm and “weirding” out people. That isn’t my only smoking gun Karl, Keep harassing me old man and see how this works out for you. You think I am mentally handicapped, soon to be physically handicapped (hopefully not), you think I am all talk no walk. I am the underdog, you and your 200 mob strong crew are not the underdog by definition. You worked so hard to provoke me, it took so much provocation for me to react, here I am let’s get this started (in 6-12 months)

Brock Butler I hope you are working on your justification.xls

Times I patronized your band, bands that you were playing with, times I went to festivals that you happened to be, or went to festivals specifically because you were there. All the 50,000 incidents you should lay them out so when you get to justify all of this harassment, you can say here here, and here, this is why we sought to destroy this kid. Me, my band, my friends bands attacking him all colluding together. Your guitarist friending me on fakebook, your band wearing masks in my town, yada yada yada, those are the things I am documenting so a legal aid can go and interview 15 different people at the stupid barn bash for instance. If you wore masks for 4 nights that is comedy right. If you did that only in my hometown, that is the intent this case is going to be built on. This is harassment. You are harassing me. Harass me me some more and tell everyone I am crazy while doing it. Leave out the parts where I have been harassed, my inboxes and ebay sales & business interrupted. Leave out the paintings I have had stolen, leave out all the mocking and harassment when you lay down more harassment and anger on stage. You are 10x angrier than I am, trifling ass coward

I have established 4 of 4 tenants I need to do win a defamation case. Irrespective of my expletives or outbursts. I can say trump is an idiot all day long won’t do anything but split my own count back here. Ask me if I care. I don’t care if I burn every last bridge in my life if there are any left after all the poisoning that this well has done to my reputation and all the aggravation they have caused me. I will start over from scratch I have done it before, for different reasons. After literally years of ignoring this harassment, I started reacting over the past 5 months to rile the other side up. I did this after Karl Denson declared war on me on June 2nd, 2017, and has been since subsequently throwing additional nuclear weapons into the fire nearly every setlist when he isn’t ripping off the Allman or Beastie brothers. Perpetual Groove releasing provocative lyrics (that are 100.00% in my head) just adds fuel. Releasing a EP with a provocative title in 2016, 100% helpful to resolving their misunderstanding they clearly don’t want resolved. I am a scapegoat. Nothing I say will make any sense to them. I can get a lawyer half as articulate for 7 grand and they’ll listen to that though. Jamcruise you are cowards and you are unprofessional cowards at that. Everyone enjoying this drama, this is what our country is about. Vile viciousness. Don’t agree with someone? Setup a free gmail account and you can drive them insane. Or just shoot them in the head and go on with the rest of your life. I am going to win this case, and fortunately, it’s going to come at a great cost and everything I have spent my life working towards, watch me sacrifice all of that to continue living because it’s not the alternative

Karl Denson you are a punk. You are a coward worse than your other punks. You are the epitome of everything wrong with our society. You are a fake hippie, you are not what you advertise, punching down on a defenseless dude, you are literally in a mob, you are the most egotistical person I have ever come across in my life Karl, naming a 8 person band after yourself, featuring yourself on 100% of your marketing (while you are fatured in NONE of the Rolling Stones marketing!), you are not the person you are to everyone else when you are harassing me, encouraging punks with an email address to act like a sociopath to me. The reason I am saying that is because you declared nuclear war on me. Think I go around offering opiions on everything everyday? 99% of the time I am quiet. That is the #1 word people use to describe me, quiet. Karl you picked the quiet guy on the end of the bar to mess with and to get a laugh out of for your friends. You didn’t see all of the tattoos on my face before you provoked me in the darkly lit bar. Karl I am the guy you should not have provoked. That is why your mob provoked me, because I am having issues and I am a weak target. Watch how much effort it takes 1 week guy to dismantle this scheme

Watch when my attorney in 6-12-18 months time starts contacting MSC, Norwegian, all the way up the gamut and all the way back down. Karl, I am not seeking 1 penny in restitution for all the aggravation I have been through. I am going to try very hard to see to it that you pay for my very expensive legal fees, cause I am crazy

This mob has stolen my paintings, my name, interfered with my business operations, and has generally driven me crazy Karl. That is a great way to live your life, mister be kind. Keep spreading hate that is what this country needs a whole lot more of right

Karl Denson didn’t think I would speak up. I think he thinks I was mentally challenged. I firmly believe that Karl Denson is autistic and I am going to assert this in my argument in court. Karl is knowingly and willfully provoking a person to know ends who told him he had contemplated suicide in 2017 because of this Jamcrusie mob’s harassment and not backing off, but doubling down, says everything you need to know

This is going to piss me off to no ends I’ll tell you right now. After everyone starting this, not resolving it, allowing it to foster, ignoring me, after this has grown into this big thing, the very first INSTANCE Cloud 9 gets paperwork they are going to try and settle this or kick this under the rug like cowards. I gave you many many opportunities to resolve this before I said ONE public thing about this, that is going to help me establish your intent. My attorney in 1-2 years is not going to settle with you. I don’t want money not 1 penny, I don’t want a thing but peace & you won’t give me that. We are going to find out how broke I am. Watch me spend hundreds of hours on the same draft, before I shop my story around. Think I am going to leak it to Inside Edition or Rolling Stone for a payout which I have repeatedly said I am not after, or do you think I am going to bring all this harassment to light. Keep gaslighting me up until it’s too late, then pretend like you haven’t been gaslighting me cowards. Adria, what are you going to wear for your gender reveal? A pair of groucho glasses? That’s a pretty personally identifiable thing, more than the whoopee cushion costume that I never sold. A fan? That is funny, the train reference if in reference to my friend is the work of a sociopath. You might have meant something else with the train. The Eeyore reference, a nickname for my old dog, that tells me that you know me personally. That is the work of a sociopath Adria. I am angry, problems reading people’s tone, faces, have very mild facial blindness, misinterpret 30% of everything, I’m always lost in thought so people think I am not even paying attention. I have a lot of things I can’t help but I don’t steal paintings from people, I don’t systematically harass some kid as part of a mob. I can’t wait to see what your justification is or was. I hope you keep adding fluff and keep building out this persona to gaslight me after the stuff you sent me in 3 months ago. If you have ever written any negative reviews about my company 15 years ago, I think that shows your identity and your intentions right there. I have to go through my whole life of experiences trying to see who I offended so greatly & didn’t apologize to, some person is intent on me jumping over the abyss. That is the work of a sociopath. Keep saying that people with autism don’t have feelings cowards. You have sociopaths in your midst, you also have people working to stir the pot, pull strings, fan the flames all those stupid lame unimaginative metaphors. Oh you are a poet, you put out an album every 6 years. Write another hateful spiteful song that isn’t directed at me mister be kind

Annabell, Jamcruise problem solver, you should be ashamed of this. This is pitiful. I hope my 5 months of rhymes gave you all the more reasons you already had to continue to harass me. My intent was to disrupt your summer, your recording sessions. People have harassed me for 5 years as I have said 50 times on this page alone to hammer home this fact. This isn’t someone who slighted me once. This is calculated and full of collusion. This is a textbook mob. I hope Perpetual Groove continues to release provocative lyrics and veiled titles so that I can argue in a court of law that this is part of an overall campaign of harassment. You are harassing me, I’ll say it again. I haven’t played a prank on anyone in 10 years You think you know everything because I used to sell a lot of that product, used to being the operative language. Once I stopped selling that stuff most of my imaginary problems actually resolved. There is about 90% more to that. You don’t see my order volume, my employee count, you don’t care about that. You see what supports what you want. You don’t see the stuff that was written by cowards with an email address who had no order# and no name in my system. Do you know who does that? A competitor or someone with an ax. 2 times in 2 years I got hit publicly on amazon to where I couldn’t sell on the platform due to them messing up my metrics, which was easy since I had low sales volume. The first time the guy apologized to me. If that guy is in on this that is 100% illegal. He needed 4 negative reviews to kill 90% of my amazon business, $20 worth of products and 4 addresses’. He only hit me with 3 and miscalculated. The second year, 12 months later, another guy hit me with a fake return, conveniently right at that toy&games deadlines. I have been hit by competitors for 19 years since I started selling on ebay in 1999. Other sellers would mess with me at flea markets, competitors would mess with people in every job I’ve been in even the book business. Competitors such as Facebook & Google have been both publicly caught spreading rumors, causing things to flair up. People are shitty. It’s not busines, it is people being shitty. I don’t do that. I have never intentionally interfered with a competitor short of selling a product at a reasonable price, outcompetiting them on service, selection etc. People are shitty. People fighting proxy wars, people punching on me like cowards are being shitty representations of themselves. Me typing all of this makes me feel like I am shitty person. I don’t want to paint shit on fire, proxy wars, people being shitty. Shittiness begets shittiness. If you pick on other people you are shitty. For all my shortcomings, and all my issues and whatever, I don’t pick on people. Anyone who has known me age 13 to now, I don’t and they know this. This is out of character for me. Nobody is telling me I am crazy. None of my friends I don’t know who is reading this, not one person has said I am being crazy. They see I am pissed off but they don’t think I am going to hurt myself, and anybody who knows me knows I would never hurt another person short of survival instincts, if I am at the grocery store and a nut comes in and says you must die and hits me with a hammer I will fight that dude back, but I am not going to fight DJ Williams (who would kick my ass) or any other person, I’d say they would all have a 90% chance of kicking my ass. You want to fight me, come sucker punch me that is your style, sucker punch me while wearing a mask, throw me into the back of your smelly van or tour bus bang me up with oranges and then throw me into a canal, if you hit me individually one at a time you can argue you it wasn’t a mob fight that it was a simple Saudi Arabia misunderstanding that hasn’t been pre-meditated

I closed my ebay store because of this nonsense, stopped posting on social media because everyone (collectively) not individually has nothing to say. People are trying to impress other people they don’t even know just for validation. A big part of why I don’t post on social media is because of harassment. in 2014 when my site wasn’t even a thought, just a bunch of stuff hacked together people harassed me for that. I had 1 or 2 posts on my instagram when I got onto the MSC Divina in January of 2014 in Miami. My 1st post was a joke and had 0.00% to do with any stupid band I didn’t barely listen to past like 2012 ish. You see a 15 second clip and build a whole world around that. I am talking to you wafflehouse. You can plead the 5th and say you are not aware of this harassment as can your employees, all in my head right. Do you remember the toothbrush story waffles, I think you do. Ask your boy Robert Randolph, another person on my short twitter list, I think I followed you on a work account or my art account or what was that? People on my 2014 twitter list, just randomly popping up and standing beside me for like 15 minutes that is normal. Is that what I did stand beside someone for like 15 minutes when I was on shrooms? I can not WAIT and I sincerely hope that MSC has cctv footage, can’t imagine why they wouldn’t save it won’t cost them anything in storage fees

Handing out clown noses to people trying to catch a buzz, hadn’t smoked in a week, that was the first week I acknowledged to myself that I may have a drinking problem. Out on this boat with all these great sounding bands, paradise on both sides, and I was trying to get drunk. Beers were so expensive, I just said to myself let’s do drugs why not, less booze more drugs was literally what I said to myself and others I bet. Going around telling perfect strangers that if they were an artist they had obsessive compulsive disorder, just being silly, more so on drugs I bet. I don’t care if other people do drugs, I prefer some people when they are on drugs. Drugs drugs drugs. Not supposed to talk about that. That is an integral part of this whole circus Jamcruise, we are going to see if the young woman who sold me mushroom chocolates put anything else in there. We are going to see if my 3 solo cruising cabin roommates saw me ingest LSD or anything that I don’t think I ingested, I remember being out of it but I wasn’t take pictures of anyone. I didn’t have video on that camera, it was an older model. I paid my friend (over paid her) $750 (more than I could get on ebay) to help her out (because I am crazy). I am going to get that paypal invoice, to show that the model camera I had was not capable of recording video. I am going to spend hundreds of hours on this. Zero pearl jam references, probably, certainly no soundgarden clips to provoke Karl. I am going to be concise (after a few drafts of freestyle), I am going to put in every single last detail including disclosures of what I think I may have done to unintentionally rile up the other side (prior to 1+ year ago). I am going to finish several rough drafts, then I am going to have other people proof read this. They’ll ask me to remove some stuff, catch some typos, ask me to take out some of my rhymes. I will not be adding personal commentary, anecdotes to waste the mobs time, or superfluous adjectives because I like the flow. I’ll be using very clear language detailing things exactly as law student would. I am going to do more rough drafts, and have other people read this like it’s the most important thing I’ll ever be graded or judged on. I am then going to shop this around to defamation law firms within 500 miles of me I think that should be a wide enough net

Me seeing how trivially easy it is to rhyme makes me think most poets & writers are autistic. I don’t put any effort what soever into anything I have written over the past 5 months. I am 100.00% sober. I am probably dehydrated, I haven’t eat in 12+ hours. I like to write hungry, classical music, instrumental, for the past 1 hour I have written to the sound of my dehumidifier. Not to sound arrogant, I don’t think I am skilled at writing I just think I read too much and have bottled in years worth of aggravation. Me rhyming was to show Karl how weak he is and to provoke other people, so they can provoke me, while I work on my legal case. I told people to back off and told them if they didn’t I wasn’t. Here we are. I am not putting one thought into of the rhymes I have made. Flows off the top of my head. If I deleted 1/2 of this page it might sound put together and cohesive. Maybe I should just rhyme on Karl for 3.65 centuries, that is a good use of my lifetime. At least tacobell harasses me in person, granted, he does it with his back turned or why he is on the other side of my tent like a 12 year old tripping

I have outrhymed all of the people harassing me, their full catalogs in 5 months. I did that with super weak, satirical, 1 draft, free association poems. Imagine if I applied myself and did a 2nd or 4th draft? I could put out 52 albums in 7 years and get a ton of other stuff done in the process. Not my interest. My 52 planned album covers, I have so may ideas for that. A deck of playing cards, themes for each one (now we are getting somewhere). I would do them until they were ready. None of this 1 album ever 7 years. I would drop 52 albums in 52 weeks just to rile the mob up and I would wait 7 or 10 years or however long to get that done. That is what patience is. That is also a life wasted if you ask me, 52 negative albums I mean

Karl, I can hit you directly and namecheck you directly because you are the public figure of this mob. You have been harassing me for years. I’ll make another obligatory request at you to stop, and you can if you want, but I am not backing off. I gave you every opportunity and was explicit (if not weak) in my request. This is what you asked for, don’t forget that you started this war with nuclear warfare and you dug in your heels, doubled down, and decided this battle was worth risking your biscuit

I’ll say it yet again, I don’t want one penny from this. Not for the countless hours I have wasted & could have been doing other stuff not for the business lost or the stress caused. I want Karl (or someone with a big rock star sized account who is on this mob) to re-compensate my attorney(s). Some dumb kid comes in claiming a bunch of rock stars & some non rock stars are harassing me, has put hundreds and hundreds of hours into the presentation, and then asks for zero money that is going to get the attention of the suits. That says a lot, perseverance chief among them. Says even more than I have to go through such efforts to get this resolved. As if I won’t after I have typed so much. Super shitty the way Jamcruise conducted themselves and let this blow up so spectacularly, that they have the audacity to try and send em a welfare check while also pretending they aren’t harassing me and I am crazy. If Adria is related to that organization or any aforementioned band, I will be 0.00% shocked. The 3 paintings I lost in September of 2013 were at a festival that Perpetual Groove was also at. If the festival promoters and/or members of that band knew who took my paintings I would be 0.00% shocked. Nothing would surprise me. Bet I saw 15 festivals or weekend type events that summer, I only had paintings walk off at one. I bet I had awkward interactions at 15 of 15 of those too or however many. Seems inconsequential, but having a full list of what I did that summer shows where I wasn’t or how little I was wherever people thought I was. That is probably going to take me 1 hour right there alone to recount my 2013 tour, harder since I deactivated my facebook due in part to this harassment, and that is just a paragraph that will be completely glossed over. I think I should have the mindset that this is going to take 6 months to prepare legally, so that I won’t be discouraged off the bat thinking this is a 1 week writing exercise

I am going to spend a few months or longer laying out my case in an articulate matter of fact opinionless straight forward manner now that Jamcruise and Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe are finally ignoring me and I have a lot of things fresh in my mind. I’ll be sharing this with legal professionals not with joe blow. This is your last page of nonsense. I am not deleting these words, nor have I deleted any other. I could write 12 paragraphs about Karl today before I eat lunch but I don’t want to be a dick like him anymore, not as fun as I thought it would be. I am going to spend hundreds of hours or more laying out timelines, every little detail like my life depends on it, like my reputation was already soiled over it. I am going to list times dates photos supporting documentation like my life depends on it. I am going to list people (my attorney not me) can follow up with for each and every incident. Contact info, url of the festival, the name of the promoter if I have it. I am not bugging anyone. People can bug me if they want. If someone else and/or you destroyed our bridge, that was on you. I haven’t burnt any bridges intentionally. I have taken a step back my job starting in June of 2017 (there is that date again, Karl), in part because of this harassment. All the things people are inferring from me, other parties, people with their own axes to grind, are wrong. Lots of people from my past are going to be getting paperwork asking them if they have anything to contribute to this, what they have said. This is going to be exactly what you think and worse. 99% of people who make threats do so idly. People think, if he was going to do something he wouldn’t be typing. I don’t feel comfortable being outside feeling like I am not going to step on a snake, my vision is legitimately blurry. It’s crazy. Lawyers cost money too, and I can’t just say such & such. I need to spend hundreds of hours presenting this in a nice format. 1% of people who say they are going to do something generally those people give people opportunities to back off. It isn’t a threat, it’s a this is what I am going to do, not as a tactician, but you are going to force my hand. We’ll see how much everyone is full of shit after we all learn about psychology lessons. I am going to think of character witnesses for all of those conflicting claims, my spreadsheet rows will be complimented by a nice webpage hundreds of paragraphs long, divided into nice sections with formatting, pictures, video evidence, and no grunge anecdotes to waste people’s time or serve as a diversionary tactic. I think this will take me more than a few hundreds of hours, minimum. How many hundreds & hundreds of hours have I wasted sitting at this desk typing for the past 5 months? Just start typing and stop when you need to go to eat or pee or go to sleep. The rest of the time you type and research, fact check

5 years back it’s insane how much flack I have been dealing with nonstop. It’s a wonder I didn’t kill myself. I would never do that but I thought a lot about this in 2017, specifically and directly because of nonstop harassment from fake ass promoters named Taco and other people constantly harassing me at every turn. Even in HS I just thought about disappearing to Alaska or somewhere, I never imagined I would hurt myself. I had this typing class (go figure) and I always finished the work before other started, just remedial shit and I needed credits. Turns out I knew how to type better than I thought. I remember that class I couldn’t do anything, wouldn’t let me doodle, couldn’t do anything but type. Should have written lame poetry. In that class in particular, I would just sit there everyone else typing, not being able to doodle, thinking about disappearing. Every other day I think it was an odd class, 5th period or something, lamest part of the day. Even then, I didn’t feel like I felt like 14 months ago. June through September 2017 I was in a dark place, that was an unusual time in my life which is probably what saved me from myself. It’s hard to imagine clocking yourself out early but that is what people, young white males in particular (relative to their per capita) are doing, and lots of people are leaving soon unintentionally or just not caring that they are being wreckless. Can’t talk about drugs, even though so many people are struggling. So many people are in prison over the difference between whether it was powder based or in a rock form. That is lobbying for you. Our country is backwards with respect to treating drugs like a criminal problem. Even jamcruise, man there were dogs lined up checking luggage looking for joints or worse. How is people going out into the middle of the ocean and dancing hurting anything back in Miaimi? Compared to some of those party boats, Jamcruise pales in comparison. There was definitely drug consumption, but that is half the reason some people go even if they won’t acknowledge that elephant. People have declared war on me, before I was ever outspoken, so I can’t be outspoken now? People in their scene, my peers & yours, are dying needlessly. If people want to get high so be it, but I bet if you asked many of them they would say they aren’t enjoying it as much as they did, people addicted to Heroin who can’t feel normal without a hit. Like can’t eat, can’t move their muscles, can’t get off the toilet. We ridicule the people that try to get help and get on something weaker to wean themselves off. We incarcerate people for doing drugs and for lengthy sentences too. We could spend a fraction of our war on drugs budget or the trillions in murdering people, on musical instruments, easels, paint brushes. How much does it cost to do an open mic night or a poetry reading? There are a million things we could be trying to do to give (especially) young people more stuff to do, something that is challenging, that excites them gives them validation and self worth. Maybe a way out, or a new way of thinking about problems so they can figure a way out. We could spend a fraction of the money we spend bombing other civilians on giving our most in need of help education. We are doing lots, not to discredit what it going on, but there are a lot of things going wrong. Drug overdoses are a symptom. That is a yellow canary in the coal mine of things to come. That is the tip of the iceberg, what a cliche phrase that is. So many young people of all colors dying on our streets, way less than the people dying on the streets of Mexico due in part because drugs are criminalized. We don’t mind if migrant workers pick our fruit but we can’t let them try and assimilate? White males are already in the minority, are you afraid of losing your power Washingtonians? Someone should do an app that sends you an alert every time a new prison or jail is constructed in our country. Just a little explosion notification gets pushed to you like every other day or however frequently it is. There is another 2,000 people off our streets. Kapow. Nothing for them to do in there but get pissed off at the man, learn new tricks for the ones who hadn’t been disillusioned yet. I digress without even meaning to. People in RVA who said they were my friend, harassing me to my face, speaking ill of me me behind my back. I haven’t gossiped about any of you. People who sit around and talk about people instead of what is going on our missing the point. We are not friends if you soiled my reputation intentionally, enjoy paradise. You got probably 7 decades tops, way less if you are Karl’s age. Afraid of Death karl? Big old grim reaper scare you? Provoking me, that’s good for your heart old man. Punching down on me so I stress you out that is good for your cortisol levels I am sure. In 1 month’s time other people will be doing turkey shit (I will too), but in 3 or 5 weeks time, I will be building my case. I have won this argument even if I did it in a shitty way and used too many curse words. I didn’t deserve this I didn’t start this and people have ignored my attempt to resolve this. Karl declared war on me and I am not using hyperbole. This is war. That is why I am all extra offended. Think I am going to war over the mechanic that overcharged me last year or someone else that slighted me? Some two bit attorney, for an orthopedist who wouldn’t accept my checks or provide itemized invoices, who took away my noninsured discounts when they stopped accepting my checks, that attorney got about 3x what he was originally owed by gaming the system. In another legal matter where I had to take my landlord to rent over my coward former friend and at the time roommate not covering his electrical bills, his attorney, played tricks too. That is what attorey’s do. I don’t know those tricks but the point of getting an attorney is so that they can be an asshole. What? I didn’t say that he is ruthless what do you want he charges $180 per hour

I have overlapping documentation that my requests to be left alone are positively ignored, and by their own admission Cloud 9 Adventures Inc., has irrefutable confirmation that I am offended and upset, and that the reasoning is because of the harassment that originated primarily on Jamcruise XII which they are fully aware. I am being intentionally targeted by this mob, specifically by Karl Denson’s band and by Perpetual Groove by way of proxy and other cowards. Release lyrics already. Contentious battle of the ages I am not backing down. People have gone out of their way to stoke flames. Karl this is what you get. This aggravated harassment has been maddening. People have provoked me endlessly while I ignored this harassment for more than 3 years, at which time I didn’t say a peep to anyone. Internalized this, ignored this, clearly I should have gone apeshit about 5 years ago. Grace & hindsight, not always present. Sociopaths who don’t have a gripe are hitting me from shadows just to stir the pot because, Drama, it’s what we are about as a people. Knocking people down, shooting them in the back and fleeing, dropping nuclear weapons on innocent strangers. I understand everyone wants to see someone completely fall apart, but stirring the pot like Tacobell, I sure hope that person is enjoying this harassment, all the havoc you and others have worked to sow. Everyone who has spread falsehoods about me I hope this is what you were working towards. Destroying me, destroying other people in the friendly process. DJ, when you and less public people disparage me the damage is permanent and irrevocable. These 5 months notwithstanding, I don’t gossip about people with few exceptions. I make lots of mistakes, I am not the one punching down on other people. You are a hypocrite dude, not that I am not, but you are in a huge way with respect to you talking about people ganging up on you and not having empathy. That is audacious. You took so much from me, I try to start with a clean slate and I can’t even fucking manage that without everyone here thinking I am crazy now too. FML that’s what you want right? Good job. And my health is shaky now on top of everything destroy me DJ Williams. You are a coward. Your bandmate chris stillwell, took pictures of the Golden God and met him in the bathroom!! WTF. Who does that. He posts that he has met like countless celebrities on his open facebook, and then you guys have the audacity to say I am meeting people and god damn taking pictures because I happen to have a camera that had a big monopod and because you were in a mob and because you were in a confined space, and I had a crappy website, and all sorts of low hanging fruit you can latch onto and punch down onto to make yourself feel better about your own insecurity and your own anxiety? I don’t photograph people, what do you photograph artist? How many poems did you write this month? REALLY? I really said I love you to Brock Butler when he was talking shit about me and I was having a mushrooms induced anxiety attack? That is slander and libel depending on context. I bet that is on CCTV. Is that on CCTV? I looked back pissed off at someone talking shit about me or I said I love you? Fucking trifling fucking everyone in your crew. Annabel you are shameful, you are not a professional. I thought people were talking shit about me, because, case and point, people like you (you in this case are being a bully) bully me incessantly. That means I am saying I am love with people. Bully me some more DJ Williams. Big guy. Our species is so fucked, nobody cares about anyone else. You are the epitome of that. You are the opposite of what you preach. I am abrasive and frustrated but I don’t preach hate except in roast, even then it’s to try and put rhymes together, same as your employer who named a whole universe after himself. I can just say that you robbed a bank if I ca make it rhyme with dank? At least I say that I am being an asshole and I don’t go around saying “be kind” to other people. At least I am deleting my shit to prove a point. You make fun of my tweets. Have you read the shit you broadcast before you hit send? Do I? I am making a mockery of this, and myself since my name is on it. You are making a mockery of yourself too when you defame me. You are a fake hippie. Everyone in your crew is despicable and one sided. This is going to blow up 100x more than you think you are going to sweep it under the rug. I am not shutting up. I am not having some alias hitting me for the next 50 years. What do I care at this point now. Years of harassment, you have driven me mad, and then continue to taunt me. How far are you trying to push me? That says a lot about your intentions mob. This is unbelievable. You are slandering me, libeling me, everyone thinks I am crazy congrats. You can now use this, finally, as justification. SEE WE SAID HE WAS CRAZY. This will spill into every facet of my life and this harassment for which you are very much apart of will have long lasting impact on my life. Like you want. Like you care. I am just some whatever I am to you right. Sad that is what people think, I am sad. A literal mob harasses me and won’t stop me, gaslights me, continues to provoke me, all to get me to overreact. All the requests people won’t listen to, you better hope I don’t have some retirement savings and a crazy streak. Because I didn’t confide in people over the last 5 years, choosing instead to lose friends and bottle this harassment in, I am losing even more bridges now because all people see is my over reaction. They don’t see 5 years of this. 4 paintings stolen, countless emails. Fake orders. veiled lyrics, people spreading lies in my earshot, poisoning my well before me. They don’t see 5 years of aggravated nonsense. That boat was pure hell. Annabel, that was an unprofessional circus, ignore me some more. Your organization is going to acknowledge the harassment that took place on your vessel. I am going to lay out every single fact, with evidence and footnotes over the past 5 years. I will spend hundreds of hours documenting this. I imagine this will be lengthy. Zero anecdotes, zero rickrolling youtube videos, no more time wasting bait, no opinions, no more psychological warfare, zero dumb rhymes like these fake poets rely on to communicate. How weak that you can’t even write a paragraph without repetition, yet, you make fun of me for my fractals, for every single thing I do. I am exaggerating right? Right Jamcruise I am exaggerating how many people were harassing me in January 2014 am I right? That was in my head, everyone messing with me that was imagined right. After that, years after, everyone messing with me nonstop worse than Taco. People have been ignoring me while also punching down on me, that is an example of gaslighting. Sending me super nice emails about something dumb that I would never sell is gaslighting. Placing fake orders for whatever purpose is gaslighting. Singing a song that you know to be false or can not prove, after I have said clearly that I am offended and you are 100.00% aware of that, says you are an asshole. Me going crazy because you are gaslighting me and, won’t stop, but while gaslighting continue to provoke me, that makes me an asshole too doesn’t it. Done. I’ll start over from scratch over and over and over. That is why this will be a civil matter. Karl I think you are autistic, also. Poor you. Means you are a piece of shit and the gum on people’s shoes. Means you don’t have feelings, means you are a psychopath, you are deserving of anything people can throw at you. I think you are projecting. We’ll touch on this I am not letting this go. After you took so much I don’t have much to lose. I don’t care if I lose my eyesight I am not backing down. Every chance to leave me alone you hit the accelerator, and people only see 1 side of that. They are going to see that side where you were harassing some dude, a whole mob of you. I believe I have received fake orders, if so, that is gaslighting. That is insidious. I’ll be sharing all of my nonsense with an attorney, not publicly. Keep provoking me privately & publicly mob who is reading this, keep gaslighting mob, keep judging me. As long as it rhymes you can say whatever you want, just leave out a couple of details then you can be a coward just like Karl D is for Defamation. I have pushed back for the past 5 months while fatigued, you have pushed down for 5 years while you are ostensibly in perfect health, with ghostwriters, many of you are punching from shadows, see how this is in my name, public figures & nobody’s, Cherry pick what you want out of 50,000 paragraphs to support the position you already hold and discount everything else I have said. Justify your previous 5 years of harassment on the past 5 months of reaction, since you knew I was crazy, not that you drove me that way. Keep playing declarations of war against me Karl Denson


If anyone reading this has any documentation substantiating my claims of harassment aboard the MSC Divina on Jamcruise XII in January 2014, has documentation of any of the aforementioned parties or bands or organizations harassing me on video or in photograph, and wishes to share that with me feel free to get in touch

my first name @ this website or you can find send an email through this page