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Colorful abstract & improvisational artwork by former starving artist Brian Moss

Through a Artist's Lens

Experiments with light & color through the contemporary and abstract photos by visual artist Brian Moss

Time Lapse Festival Night Time

LONG EXPOSURE ABSTRACT PHOTOS // v0.10 (RGB American DJ Lighting Series)

📃 short description

Most of these were photographed in my old living room with sound-activated cheap stage lights & lasers. One is of a fire engine parade, I think another is of a police car directing traffic, and one is a shot of actual stagelights


📃 description of this section

I have tons of these. I think the blue on black looks interesting. Sometimes if you have a camera, women (and men) will dance for you, even approach you and ask if you can take their pics. Other times if you have a camera, people will think you think you are a photographer, not like that dude who photographed all that nature in black & white. I don’t even have to namecheck him & you know who I mean because he owned a whole category. I try to frame my shots and I think about composition & what not, but the camera does all the work. The only elective art class I took in school was photography so I could do the lightroom. I’ve made 3 pinhole cameras in my lifetime, those photos aren’t worth oversharing


📃 description of this batch

Here is an hodgepodge of contemporary subjects captured in time, what a cliche. Some of them are okay, but they won't be on the cover of any magazine

If you have a camera in your pocket, you are by definition a photographer. Your iphone is nicer than my fancy camera for most stuff. Go get ‘em tiger

Better than 99% of photos I take I don’t share, but I take lots of photographs on most any given day. Bugs, lots of pictures of nature and stuff that looks interesting. Tiny bonesai trees. This and that. I’d say roughly 44% of photographs I take are strictly for fractals, and probably 3% are for researching a painting or idea or something of that sort. Roughly 1% of my photographs involve a sunrise, or the opposite. I bet 6% involve water of some sort, while I bet there are mountains visible in at least 2% of my pics. 5% of my photos are of my dog, he is so cute, I should put up a page of just him. I used to photograph trains & railroad tracks, the symmetry reaching an apex on the horizon, before I despised that mode of transport

Ever taken a pretty picture of a scenic view off the Blue Ridge Parkway? Plenty of texture and interesting landscapes everywhere you look for it, creating a gif animation isn’t as hard as it was in the 00’s when you had to splice the images together by hand, now you got filters, and HDR built right into your cellphone camera, everyone is a photographer

All Good Festival Panoramic Photo



📃 artist's rambling

My interest in cameras has been primarily focused on capturing color & movement, moreso than events, places, or people. Many images are presently scattered about and unorganized, but I have a lot of interesting photos laying about in different folders. If you take lots of pictures setup a gallery, don’t add all this convoluted text like I get carried away with, if you are inclined. If you take pictures you are a picture taker

Everything on this page as far as I can tell is WYSIWYG, that is to say I haven’t done any “photoshop” edits, the lights and other things are what was captured, fwiw. I have adjusted contrast levels and things on some images, but I haven’t superimposed anything or done a whole beyond basic cropping. For real life photos I ramp up the contrast because things look more bland in photographs. Lots of images are uncropped, raw