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Colorful abstract & improvisational artwork by former starving artist Brian Moss

Art Postcards for Sale

Artist Brian Moss has reproduced nearly 100 of his colorful paintings & pen & ink artworks into beautiful 4" x 6" art postcards for mailing or stationery

Snowflake Postcard

black white snowflake postcard
black white snowflake postcard

Snowflake Postcard

  • item# P47
  • 5 gram card
  • 10cm x 15cm
  • 4" x 6" in size
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The center of this snowflake features a spoke-like wheel, from which countless shards of light cast out against a pitch black sky. Although it first appears to be ice crystal formation made of pure white, at further inspection this notion fades into blues, pinks and other imperfect tones. Perfectly spaced out sharp structures protrude from every angle, each reaching just a little longer than it's neighbor.

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Artist Brian Moss created this fractal design with digital software in 2011, and it was first published in his "Fractal Friday" project. Each art postcard in this series is a precise replication of the original work cpaturing all of the detail and intricate detail. They are professionally printed on thick 14 pt card stock, and feature a matte finish that repels fingerprints.