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Colorful abstract & improvisational artwork by former starving artist Brian Moss

Art Postcards for Sale

Artist Brian Moss has reproduced nearly 100 of his colorful paintings & pen & ink artworks into beautiful 4" x 6" art postcards for mailing or stationery

Waiting in Line


Waiting in Line

  • postcard: #102
  • 4" high x 6" x long
  • premium matte finish
  • 50% post-consumer paper
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A patch of bright lemon yellow encircles a purple & blue object in this baby blue and aqua green digitally enhanced painting. Rays of yellow and blue rays of energy overlap as internal pressure explodes outwards towards the farthest edges of the expanse, propelling the invader forward.

This postcard captures the vibrancy and texture of my original painting and features a smudge-resistant finish that brings out the contrast. My line of art cards are available on thick 14 point cardstock and feel as good as they look. The back features plenty of blank whitespace to write on.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention that shipping is free for U.S. orders totaling $9.



If you have ever thought about forming a calcified stone in your kidney, don't! It's a very unpleasant experience. This image was created during a time of anxiety between the initial blast off (the knee-curling pain people refer to), and the protracted release that in my experiences happens some weeks later once the jagged pebble is expelled.