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Colorful abstract & improvisational artwork by former starving artist Brian Moss

Privacy Policy

The privacy policy for and all associated websites of 'Brian Moss Art'


In short: Brian Moss Art has not, does not, and will not share customers personal information.

This policy covers, operated by the company Brian Moss Art (referred to in this statement as "I" or myself "Brian Moss", "we", or collectively known as "Brian Moss Art"), with respect to how your privacy is treated.





Brian Moss Art solicits minimal personal information from paying customers for the sole purpose of processing their orders.

Only the following is required to order via this website:

  • first & last name
  • billing & street address (if different)
  • email address (for order notifications)

Optional order input:

  • phone# for shipping carrier
  • order notes or special instructions 




Through the use of software, including Google Analytics, Brian Moss Art may collect non-personally identifiable information about visitors to this website. Actions such as individual pageviews can not be tied to specific users, but broad data is collected as a whole to improve the site and better understand how people use it.




We retain no "offline" records of your personal information, such as address, email address, or order history. Non-essential documents with sensitive data, such as invoices with a customers address, are shredded after use as matter of procedure. 

Access to email, computers, this website and all websites Brian Moss Art, Brian Moss, or it's employees operate or use are password protected, restricted, logged, and have layers of protection implemented.

While data can never be safeguarded completely, Brian Moss Art uses gmail apps exclusively for all art related email, which offers end to end encryption, 2-factor authentication and a suite of industry-leading security features.




Brian Moss Art does not collect credit card info. Electronic payments, whether via Paypal or debit or credit card, are handled securely between you & the payment processor, who serves as an intermediary between your bank or credit card company.

At no time does the operator of this website (or merchants in general), have access to your credit card number if you order online. We should only see the last 4 digits & expiration. The only instance Brian Moss Art would have access to your full credit card number would be an in-person payment (on the Etsy credit card reader at an art fair, for example), or if you called and paid via telephone. In either of these rare instances your card number would not be retained or shared, intentionally or unintentionally.

All partners utilized by Brian Moss Art have up to date SSL certificates, are PCI compliant, and utilize basic safety precautions such as encryption, including Coinbase, Etsy, Stripe, Google Wallet, Paypal, Square, and others. For this particular website ( payments are handled by Paypal whose policy is here, and Stripe, with a separate privacy policy.




People who send email inquiries prior to ordering, place online orders, or otherwise share their email address with Brian Moss Art will not be subscribed to the bi-monthly newsletter unless they explicitly opt-in to receiving this, and then separately confirm their email address. The default option is opt-out (unchecked).




We do not use retargeting or obtrusive forms of marketing, nor do we share your information with marketers, ad agencies, or other 3rd parties.

There are links on this website to other 3rd party merchants which generate a tiny amount of revenue that goes towards playshops and things like paints, and equipment for liquid art. An example of an affiliate link might be a relevant product link to amazon or eBay, which might earn us about 6% of the sale if a customer were to order via a link appended with our url. The operative word is relevance.




As with all companies, Brian Moss Art uses a variety of vendors and platforms to operate various aspects of this business which may unintentionally have access to your data, such as: webhosts or payment providers, an ISP or email provider, Instagram (if you send us a message through, for instance), US Postal Service,, Etsy, Google, to name several examples. They may have applicable privacy policies not covered here.

To reiterate, at no time does Brian Moss Art have access to payment information, or anything not provided by you (typically your name, address, and email address).




Unless required by law, Brian Moss Art won't voluntarily share personal customer information unless necessary to operate business functions, such as fulfilling an order. It is hard to imagine a scenario in which customer data would be compelled by court order, however, if subpoenaed we would comply with that request AND attempt to notify you of said compliance, if not prohibited by law.


Last update: June 2016



If you need clarification or have a question about this policy, or anything else, do not hesitate to reach out