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Colorful abstract & improvisational artwork by former starving artist Brian Moss

Psychedelic Liquid Lights Projections & Art

LIQUID dot LIGHTING sandwiches liquid oil projections and analog effects to create psychedelic displays of color. Hit us up to discuss your liquidlight project or license any of our work.

 public domain?

public domain?

 about $10 or less at

about $10 or less at

Since 2014, artist Brian Moss' creative juices have been ebbing and flowing—from painting—to making liquid light shows with friends & playing with colored fluids. Dripping dyes and themes of water can be seen throughout his pen & ink paintings, so this has been a natural progression which started early in life.

The moniker LIQUID dot LIGHTING is also the project's URL——this webpage serves as a placeholder. One day we'll have a proper studio setup to create topnotch work & stream live liquid webcasts along with a website.




Below are a few photographs by Brian Moss, created by sandwiching layers of colored liquids in between glass.

These are published under a 'non-commercial no-derivative creative commons' license. This means you are free to use these if you credit LIQUID dot LIGHTING as the source, make no alterations, and do not profit from them. An example might be a school project, non-commercial art project, social media post, or an article about lightshows of the amateur self depreciating deprecating kind. Screensaver, knock yourself out. If it’s for art’s sake, you don’t need my permission

For commercial licensing requests or custom liquid animation or content, email

I’ve worked with a number of clients big and small, I am happy to work with your vision if it is within my sphere of interest. Sort of taking a break this year (2018), so give me a reason to do something. Throw some of your campaign’s colors at me and I’ll send you 100 photos to choose from, that type of thing. Did some (uncredited?) work for an Aerosmith pinball machine, didn’t use the idea but they did put some of my animations in the transitional effects which I think is really cool. Did some (non liquid) work for a large ad agency in NYC, and have had a lot of less notable things that I don’t ever bother to write about. If it is for something not about violence, war, drugs, that type of thing I’d say most of my images are available for licensing within reason, I would say the rate depends on the scope, I am just trying to starve a bit less same as the rest

Top left is my favorite, just such pleasing colors washing together, there were no digital enhancements to any of these photos, maybe I knocked up the brightness one a couple but nothing heavy, no superimposed photoshop trickery, WYSIWYG, this is buy laying multiple pieces of glass on an old school projector and capturing it with a simple DSLR, or a cellphone would even work these days. There are a lot of good tutorials online I don’t want to show favoritism in this small pond but I like all the work I’ve seen, no competitors in this liquidlights space that I can see

Want to make art? You got food coloring don’t you? It’s more nuanced, go get ‘em tiger

One of these days I’ll share more of my work and less of my words

gonna build me a new website first, get my botanical garden art arboretum idea some thought before I try and take on the whole universe





Remixed for 2017, the variety of colors and levels of ooziness in these soothing art pieces is virtually endless. Each is hand filled in Virginia and no two are a like. This kinetic liquid filled toy follows the movements of your wrist, and you can also flip them upside down to watch the colored densities reorganize. Now shipping to all U.S. states.

Discounts are available for educators, physicians, and organizations using them for autism & sensory therapy (by request). I also have some that have imperfections from time to time and don’t want to throw them out. If you wish for your school or nonprofit to be added to a list, I can mail you some that have dings or plugs in them, or if a bug falls into one it’s quite hard to get out, but some people find that funny.

View images & video at





Myself, along with Kevin McNeill and other friends have performed a number of lightshows in collaboration with a variety of bands & artists. Although our form differs from traditional shows, we generally combine old-school 60's techniques utilizing plates on overheads, and layer that with custom oil wheels (see below). Depending on the music—live video, synthesizers, feedback, and other analog elements may also be incorporated. Each performance is tailored to the energy of the crowd & unique sound of the band. We also did our best, sometimes our efforts fell flat, working with analog equipment, half of it older than me, presents obstacles and fun challenges.

We are presently taking a break from live gigs.

Featured below are a few examples to demonstrate range. View in HD if possible.


Worse Curses @ The Josie House - Richmond, VA


Imaginary Sons @ 622 North - Blacksburg, VA


Silent Psychic @ At The Pine Street House - Richmond, VA


In 2014, we teamed up with Mercy Creek & Kevin McNeill to film 7 videos at The Camel in RVA. We painted a dynamic sea of colors that complimented Kevin's kaleidoscopic video editing and the bands diverse range. View the full length 7 song session »

this project turned out pretty abstract




Guster "Either Way" (unofficial fan video)


Cabinet (unofficial fan promo festie video)


Digitally enhanced liquid lights


Analog synthesizer madness





Brian Moss fabricates flat oil filled discs, seen spinning in some of the videos above. When rotated slowly in front of Optikinetics, Aldis Tutor, and similar oil projectors, wheels create a sea of moving colors. LIQUID dot LIGHTING wheels are constructed of plexiglass instead of glass for durability, and use magnets in place of screws which takes just a second to change. These aren’t for sale but I hope to make work and present it in a way that it inspires other people to make their own art. I have made approximately 200+ wheels, most of the first ones really sucked, but then I kept at it and didn’t give up even when I knew they didn’t look good. Always experimenting with different liquids, dyes, etc. Trying to not have them all look the same. I’ll photograph these one of these days and put 1 hour into putting a gallery up since I am evidently not building a full fledged website for them anytime soon. My friends supported me when they were improving. I tried to make one recently after a break and I forget how to make them as good, so it’s a relearning process, not like riding a bike. Lots of science I don’t understand, but it’s fun

my new stickers are just black like a 12” LP and I removed the redundant “oil wheel”





LIQUID dot LIGHTING has provided site lighting for a number of awesome festivals and events. In addition to hosting interactive hands-on liquid light playshops, we can create shadow walls as seen here with the oil wheels as seen above. This provides a consistent flow of ever-changing colors which can run continuously from dusk til dawn.

Party revelers can continue dancing—even without music or after curfew—while creating shadows for others to watch. These projections are universally loved by all ages. We can provide toy swords & other shadow props.




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