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Colorful abstract & improvisational artwork by former starving artist Brian Moss

Improvisational Pen & Ink Paintings + Rhymes 4 Karl Denson

Explore the colorful improvisational and free-flowing paintings by artist Brian Moss, most known for his pen & ink paintings, and for his vicious verbal assault on Karl the Mean Meme



Below is a sampling of mostly finished paintings out of hundreds I have stopped working on. I may revisit some of these, but probably won’t.

I am going to catalog all of my work properly if I ever find the time, all my doodles, collages, sketches drawings & other stuff.

Featured here are a variety of works from different eras with various media to showcase my evolving style. They are not (currently) well organized; work I toiled away for ages sits aside pieces I played with for mere hours, creating visual contrast.

I am writing 10,000 poems about the Jamcruise XII mob led by Karl Denson, or at least that is what I want them to think. I told them I am making 52 albums, so that they can continue to gaslight me. I’ll find a way to overshare without sabotaging myself, worse than the mobsters are going to wish they had simply left me alone. One day, decades from now, when people such as Karl Denson who have no empathy and spread flagrant lies, have softened their views




I have tons of signed art prints available for $12 each. They are hand numbered, and are limited to an edition of 100. Grab them while they are available as I will not be reprinting any retired designs. Browse more »

Burora Aorealis

Explore more of my paintings and artwork, and see what I am up to currently


If you represent a gallery, or are a collector interested in pricing or availability of my paintings, or would like to license the use of any of my images, hit me up.