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Colorful abstract & improvisational artwork by former starving artist Brian Moss

Colorful Improvisational Mostly non-serious Artwork

Explore the colorful pen and ink paintings, symmetrical fractals, photos of liquid lights, and fluid artwork by Brian Moss

21/10/18 — lucky number 37

karl click here if you want to see a short clip about poisoning the well

art criticism piece about provenance, late post Renaissance impressionism or something

“If you can find some editor who will publish you, then you too can be an art critic.”

Well poisoning is a strategy the mob has employed to damage my reputation as you gallantly ride around the country slandering and whatever else it is that you do besides libeling, which is evidently a word per my spellcheck

empathy from the peanut gallery

a little less divisive

“I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy” - FML

haha, pivot, pivot, improv, pivot

I think I should get another opinion and one of those MRI things
another round of lyme testing

some of those commentators are making sense

why do I get electrical pulses in my elbow like once per month? This predated my getting bitten by all these ticks
And my eyes have been dry for maybe 2 years or more

I don’t think I would like to be in a wheelchair, that is the hardest hit I guess, one end of the pendulum

6-8 weeks is how long this is supposed to last, if it is episodic they say


HUGS. Not drugs

Julius Gaius was a jerk, am I right historians?
Killed fewer than some in power

Blowing up the free world

kindness & laughter

I am being less unkind than Karl is
I don’t call myself a hippie like he probably does himself

I wish I was born in the 50’s, but I didn’t have any say so in the matter

doing the San Francisco or the UK lightshow scene, or something unrelated probably

THIS is how you handle a crowd worse than those Romans did in their fancy stadiums

Karl what color suit are you going to wear when I take you to court when my health is chipper and people have stopped firing shots at me?

Adria did you fake friend me on fakebook a couple of years ago as a sociopath? You aren’t crazy right

Aliases, there is good song material Karl, don’t leave out that pertinent bit when you poison my well dawg

Think I woke up on the crazy side of the bed? I think you crossed the wrong rubicon at the wrong time and at the worst possible timing for me

I think I did 2 fests last summer I don’t recall, I haven’t done a fest since June 2nd, 2017 a date we are going to ask that journalist who said they were “weirded” out by your song and what that meant

Mister Primus talking to journalists

What’s his face talking to jouranlist

That forum article I probably wasn’t supposed to see, wonder if I can find those little things Jamcruise Tinkerbell

I have a screenshot of me showing you I was offended like in July of this year? I don’t recall it’s on an SD card somewhere

You have record of me being overly offended when I let you think I was weak so you could show your intentions last year cloud 9

this harassment is indecent, my peers would not find this funny

They think I am probably an asshole and I agree more or less
I’ll be deleting my words and my flame paintings when this is resolved

You can have back your domains you didn’t want if you even want them

when you back off

Kick this can down the road some more, paradigm shifter

Unbiased is how they try and see the world, you know it’s a good journalist if they won’t give you their party affiliation

Others, grinding axes on their soapbox it’s more or less obvious

Karl hates my guts wants me to jump off a building probably

I just add the word probably on the end and say what I dam well want old man, probably is a socialist sympathizer

Mister blue state full of conservatives worse than Idaho has no black people, it’s too cold up north, they don’t have it in their blood it’s biology, where are my black Scandinavians? See what I mean. Negative 50 degrees Celsius, won’t even use the right Fahrenheit 451 reference about censorship, all the nonsense going on in trumpswampland

Adria what about you? it will be so embarrassing if we both have on the same outfit, you wearing black or charcoal or brown? Brown is hard to pull off, checkered? Get a little patch on your elbow so it shows you are practical? Little touch of color in your handkerchief pocket that matches your mohawk?

People sing your hateful spiteful war anthems back at you old man? Middle aged washed up has beens?

Tearing down the spectrum, available on authorized bootlegs, bugs stuck in my head unlike homesnap email weekly digest slaps

If you think I am asking for it you missed the part where I ignored this for more than 3 and 1/2 years

People stirring the pots, this is what you wanted, a clash of the idiot, never was been, and the big rock czars with egos so big you need an extra bus

Dearest Reader, Karl thought I was mentally handicapped, thought I would not be capable of hitting back

Nearly 5 years later, people like Karl Denson & The Tiny Universe are spreading flagrant lies about me weekly

Penn State, who remembers that bootleg? They were like, we are prepared to make this the longest pearl jam show that has ever been, and they play for like hours longer and just don’t give up until they tell them to cut it off

Kille hitting the right notes

takes a woman’s eye to be subtle sometimes

Netflix cancels Luke Cage & other titles, disappointing Marvel executives and investors alike

pearl jam is teasing us about the album they are never going to release (is Ament Autistic?)

some releases I just wait for the lyrics, no need to hear it


If you win the powerball, can I borrow about 173 grand to build a botanical garden? I will pay you back with interest

For 25 grand I will build an abstract statue and name it after you

for a donation of 5 grand, I will name an honorary state themed garden, giving you some direction in the planning process

They say 15% of people with my vision anomoly don’t have it so bad
Those are the ones that stop vicing, start exercising, make changes

Why aren’t there any good kale recipes? Tastes like cruciferous no matter how you slice it

i turned my website into a messpool

I didn’t eat broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts when I was a kid
Read some “green gene” article in the paper and convinced my Dad it wasn’t just me

I didn’t always read the paper when I was a kid, I wasn’t that guy
But man I love me some CBS sunday morning, the old one is as good as it is now, the trumpet intro, the big old sun
That was my favorite part of weekends, watching that show with my pops
I didn’t know that at the time

Discussing big ideas with my little brain
It was all opt in, I didn’t care for the news much, but good programming sign me up
They have a podcast I discovered by searching for it

Always inspiring stuff, usually a musical spotlight or an artist or something

Don’t really talk about war, and murder, and killing fields in Cambodia

NOW, I am a broccoli eating fool, brussels are my go to if I am eating a steak

there is a food I have stop eating for health reasons

I had to block from my company intranet in like 2005 or 2006, maybe 04 I forget. When they were doing the schools, one at a time, followed gmail’s invite trick

The rise & fall of the social media empire

give everyone their own soapbox

That dude who lost his job over kneeling, I don’t know if I agree with him, hear me out first

I am just not educated and it’s a divisive issue so I don’t know where I sit
I think it’s good that we are discussing big issues, divisive issues that divide us into red or blue camps
I think most people are libertarian on most things, and I stand by that assertion, if you want to put a label on it

Billionaires in big houses side with the billionaire team owners, naturally
Seems some of these people, the ones with the billions, don’t want us to debate these issues

Like Wealth Disparity, there’s a song someone should write something about, here is my 3 minute effort

Jeff vs Zuck vs Ellison
no no no

Two billionaires on are next ticket
That will be that moment in history books where they put a ringer on it

1.6 billion dollars to some asshat with a lucky number, really bob your office just split a big pot, you really are going to keep your job huh, you can’t think of anything, Tahiti, nothing? You could buy a small country Bob, you are fired your job performance has really slacked since you became worth more than our market evaluation. Investors are giving us grief, you are a distraction worse than equity holders watching their boy ring in the NASDAQ bell

Watched, live, the $FB and the $GOOG on purpose, watched a bunch of others as background

The fall of Rome, ever heard youtube videos on that?

bozo takes over general washington

What rhymes with, nope can’t use the word remington !
What is less provocative than a broadway show called Hamilton
You know who is rolling in his grave as I type? Franklin
Dude was presidential, changed his views on things even
The opposite of amassing a thousand million dollars smitten
Know who is more successful than our president? Paris Hilton
Her (people’s) returns on (her) fortune trump his money fountains

HUNDREDS of businesses intertwined, cloaked like precision
Some big paper did a year long expose, who is paying attention

Teach your kids to swim perpendicular and never against a riptide, always make sure your kids know how to float on their back if they get exhausted before you throw them into an ocean. Ever been in a riptide at VA beach or somewhere like that where the coast just drops, you are in sand, then black darkness and the temperature falls like 5 degrees and before you know it you are farther than you thought and moving out, and you are like oh this is the part where I am not supposed to panic, this article is worse than getting taken out by a pissed off shark

What army are you building with 126 guns? One long one, a short one, should 3 be good. I don’t like guns. They are here. I think there should be a limit, like okay you have 100 guns, you need to trade one. 101 is the limit for one individual. What is this Branch Dividianville? If you have 126 firearms, it will make people think we are gun crazy

Can’t use guns & crazy in the same sentence, unless you precede it with 126

The suspect fired about 39 shots. Police want us to know they fired more than 390 rounds

You hear about that story in SC? 30 yr old officer dead this morning in ATL, 30yr veteran fallen in SC over malice, ignorance, pain, craziness. Karl I can give you 100 story ideas since you are lacking creativity and feel the need and the entitlement to encourage other people to harass me in this manner

You like sorrow with your cornflakes, sunny diesel?

You ever buy koolaid for your kids because of that wall basher, or does your partner do all of the shopping & cleaning and you do the cooking on weekdays when you are there

You have to be a super passionate compassionate person to wear a badge. Ever offended someone who wears a badge who misunderstands something you said, but it turns out you actually agree on everything it’s just I was mad at a literal mob harassing me, some of the things they said and I just made an angry tirade I forget, didn’t save, have no record of, that other people do have screenshots of huh

Drew [redacted] is going to make an excellent witness for all sides
much love to that guy irrespective of his indifference towards me

“[My brother] was embarrassed at first,” she said. “But he went back to school yesterday, and everybody tells him he’s like a legend.”

Ever been on a joyride in your friend’s mom’s car? Hi Frida, I hope you are well

Pull over NOW!!!!!!!!! give me the belt

Superintendent suspected of frequently defecating on district rival’s track wants police to pay $1M . WTF

Giant inflatable colon stolen in Kansas City, flaming lips singer has no comment

Over the ensuing decades, Mihalek, an only child, lived a remarkable life. Raised by extended family first in Cleveland, later in Wisconsin, he became a World War II veteran, a chemistry teacher, a father and eventually a grandfather.

In all those years, Mihalek never learned the identity of his father.

Then, his grandson took a DNA test and, after 90 years, the biggest secret of Mihalek’s life was a mystery no more.
— MORRISTOWN, Tenn. - / AP

Heartbreaking. She may have had this for 15 years without knowing it, people thought she was crazy. Man. I drop shit too, my grip man something is off. I am 100% pain free for now, no fogginess (yet). My left leg has given out 2 or 3x. I will start documenting this might be helpful I don’t know. Just gave out on me while I was walking. I was like that was odd. I was carrying something heavy, that was how I rationalized it. Always on my left side. My left elbow, that is where I had electrical pulses. Like a jolt of electricity in my elbow for 1/8th of a second. BAM. Like 2 or 3 times then nothing for a month. Strange. Crazy is an overused word. Right Karl. That is your satire. My eyes have been bothering me for a least a year, I never put two and two together. Hindsight smacks you in the head worse than a fake wrestling chair. My vision is so bad if I walk fast it is uncomfortable, not today, but looking back at the improvements I am making I mean. Temporary insanity all up in my cortex or sheath thing or some science stuff. Not painful, just like ugh. Had to wear snake boots to get my mail the other week there were so many sticks I didn’t want to chance it. I can drive fine short bursts, funny how our body compensates. This is hilarious to me, and it shouldn’t be. I don’t feel unsafe driving, but I definitely am not super into driving with double vision, it’s not like a trail, it’s blurriness I don’t how how to explain either. I have zero interest in painting or doing anything with color to be frank. When I am in an episode, I am going to hit Karl the Mean Meme while I don’t have energy to tackle the world. Then I’ll go silent. Me & you partner, you are my stepping stone mob

Elderly man reflects back on a botanical garden of horrors

50 acres

They said it couldn’t be done

I asked you to back off and you know this, that is why I am an underdog

you know how underdog stories always end, we just don’t know how the middle will pan out

you can be shamed into not being an asshole, or you can have a change of pivot, I don’t care why you back up

It’s frustrating when you drop something at the checkout and you are like fuck, why did that fall out of my hands are you friggen kidding me. I dropped a football shaped tub of cherry tomatoes, yellow, orange, red, purple. Picking up all these little fruits (with seeds) off of the floor, whose idea is it to make an unflat container that doesn’t sit up? You had extra left over containers for some dip or some superbowl shit, so you put heavy ass lopsided balls in them?

Fuck everything about being confined to a wheelchair or having people help you with buttoning your coat

Customer orders two waters, leaves 10 thousand dollar tip

Folks are still discussing that “viral” obituary. People are discussing addiction, clean needle exchanges, recovery centers, wellness, compassion, police offers are saying our system is not working, people are getting pissed off it’s about fucking time if you want my opinion on the fentanyl opiod bullshit nobody seems to be paying enough attention to if you want my take

“I was standing out there with my costume on, and it always attracted attention because nobody was out in Merchants Square with a costume,” Florek said. “I can remember standing there thinking, ‘Oh I hope I get a couple people tonight.’”
— Bonny Florek, WYDaily

There are strips for as low as $1 that people can use to make sure their drugs are what they think they are taking, to avoid accidents and what not. We all agree that doing heroin is inherently risky, some people think we should lock them in a cage with a television and ramen noodles, just seems like the wrong approach to me

Better report that in your wages, it’s in the paper read all about it

Hundreds of thousands are marching in London, what is their deal, no takebacks, the Queen just wants you to think you are in power, go start a punk movement

450.3 million USD is how much Da Vinci’s most expensive painting went for, the last time it went through the rounds

Appreciating art, the scarce kind like a single painting, that is a good investment if you pay that much for it. Just wait a while and some sucker will buy it for even more, so that they can resell it later

More meddling in our 2018 primaries from Dimitri

I am not a satirist, but I play one until Karl and his mob leaves me be, am I using freedom of speech in a thoughtful way Tinkerbell? I am just teasing you hun, but your crew is straight up harassing me with defamatory language, not in a playful way. I got no beef with Karl, what is his deal with me? Big old fancy rock czar, caviar, leaving scars from a far, Adria the Alias is your biggest handlebar

Adria is either a touring person with a lot of time on their hands and pure hate for something in their life, the way things turned out, or they are unemployed and live in their mother’s house, that is my impetus whatever that word means, sounds smart

What is in a URL

 LOL, this person gets satire. Also I think they are poking fun of the fabric that ties us together, division. If you don’t think this is funny you are uptight, in my opinion what do you care get off of my website

LOL, this person gets satire. Also I think they are poking fun of the fabric that ties us together, division. If you don’t think this is funny you are uptight, in my opinion what do you care get off of my website

Karl the Troll dot US, did you ever catch any epic soundgarden battles at any fests? Yeah we’ll do a short set but we’ll play twice as hard. Your choice, promoters. Where is our warpaint, did you see our ryder?

Pinkpop obviously goes without saying, Reading shows from just about any band I’ll watch. No production. 10am sets, or whenever, just getting it done irrespective of the time on people’s wrists. You toured for Kravitz or just did studio stuff? It was his solo thing, him named after himself. I am jelly, to catch any fest before nevermind came out, I was too young to get into music, just missed me by 1 summer can you believe that?

You catch Audioslave old man rhyme? That extra heavy bass, crazy screeching guitar. You played at coachella a bunch probably since it’s in your backyard, genre spanning catalog of yours. There is another band I didn’t catch in their primetime, just didn’t put in the effort or the mileage

No announcement that I recall. Just, bam here we are here is our album, it’s good for driving, and stopping at stop lights, and driving some more to some far off destination. Albums, that is an antiquated concept people are gripping with, worse than trying to sustain your hobby by selling pieces of paper, I could always exert more effort I reckon


Pearl Jam is still evolving, it is one of those bands I can grow old with. God forbid one of them should fall ill, that will probably be the end of that storybook. After 30 years, you just start counting decades. Think they are thinking about their 50th shows? I don’t, but, they’ll have the opportunity to tie up the loose ends, exactly as you would want them tied up. Other people like Prince, that dude did not care what happened to his stuff, probably overwhelmed himself I bet. Autistic as you know what, set in his ways, “eccentric” you could say. Had recording equipment in every location of his studio that he lived in, dozens of unfinished albums and shit who knows. Not fragments, like mixed, polished, finished stuff he didn’t even share because we weren’t ready. I am not a big fan of his to be honest, I am getting my toes wet. I see what he inspired others to do, and I think he is on the spectrum so that elevates my interest in figuring him out, not him as a person, but his catalog if you will. He is part myth, all legend

It’s inspiring when musicians can’t stand still, like when that Kurt Cobain dude would trip over his ownself, unintentionally, then he just stays on the stage and kicks his legs, can’t make that up, that comes from somewhere deep within

Bozo the clown is tweeting lauded praises to Allen, has me said anything sincere about the journalist who was slain? Got in a fight with like 18 men, so they overreacted? Allegedly, some medical professional flown in for this interview was like just play music, it makes the work easier. Okay Dexter. Man our species is actually crazy. That is an overused word huh Mobsters. As long as it doesn’t hurt the, how many hundreds of billions of dollars worth of armaments with our ally Saudi Arabia? Warfare, it’s what puts food on some tables

Like a clown who works for a missile manufacturer by day

Then you got temptations doing a side to side shuffle, just the notes are resonating they can’t stand still, smokey robinson and all them cats. Co-opetition, collaboration, something we had a lot more of before I was here

Now that is what I call mashed up remixed potatoes with chives Vol. 1893

Not personally identifiable
Relating to something generic

The opposite of bullying, harassment, slander & libel

Something even your parents know the words to

poetry, it’s as easy as rhyming, repeating & revealing what the viewer is expecting

comedy is about diversion

everyone can rhyme

anyone can write a slanderous song

do you know I have made noises

and words too

This guy does weight lifting, look at the size of his forearms, I know one punk who would have to eat a lot more protein to hulk up like this professional sax slayer. Wafflehouse, just for one date, you could do a completely different type of lightshow and play a “prank” on your fanbase. Ambivalent ambiance. Halloween in April, 6 months reversed, April 31st let’s start a new dance movement






That was Kenny G bringing us into the next revolutionary form of enamel care

Kindness & laughter, the two ingredients for sustaining society. Make a documentary about the meaning of life why don’t you

How come we don’t ever hear about black people named Bob? Yes it is lacks ethnicity, Becky. After the break, at eight 0 eight, Trent Reznor has new musings on the broken music industry and is no longer working with Apple. [chuckles]. He has some insights on parenting, cleveland, and the grammy’s, don’t we all, so sit right there in your armchair, grab some potato chips, and don’t procrastinate. Stay awake, don’t sedate. Already ate? It’s never too soon to think about your next savory, tongue pleasing McMeal. Who doesn’t love fast food, I sure do Bob. What a digression. I can hear your digestion. That is my antacids kicking in. I relate. Are we still narrating or are we back live yet? Our very own Jim brings us fascinating coverage of this American renegade. But first, we are seeing [chuckles] reports that Da Vinci and other notable potable painters likely had degenerative eye conditions, isn’t that eye opening [laugh]. If you suck at art kids, mutate. Who has an eye pill for me that isn’t a steroid bandaid? Do we have an eye doctor on the airplane !? Science is crazy. Quick get an artist to illustrate this. Just picture all the people rolling in their grave as this news hit. Geniuses with eye problems made lemonade. The human condition. Next you are going tell us that unbelievably gifted musicians have ear conditions. Never a slow news day even on Saturday. And this evening we’ll have continuing coverage of the circus as it approaches our unwalled border in a piece we are calling “Haven’t they built the dam thing yet, and will it be enough to protect the inflow of humanity”

Our next segment is sponsored by VCUarts Painting + Printmaking, now seeking MFA candidates. This is a juried selection, for our young viewers that means there is a non refundable deposit equivalent to a small percentage of your parents life savings. Rejection, it makes your work stronger. Apply today. Be the best version of you with VCUarts. We, what with our gigantic footprint all over the city, we helped usher in a lack of crime throughout RVA, give us a break. Does your city have a fancy acronym bumper sticker? No, suck it Portland, you got nothing on our tattoos per capita New York

  • intermission break

20th of October, two thousand eighteen years after the birth of some guy, we are pretty sure that is the right date, well if we agree to the Gregorian dude. Yeah that is right Bob, did you know North Korea’s calendar is nuts? That signal tells me we are back from commercial folks, don’t touch that dial. This morning we have homicide scores and our monthly headscratcher, what the hell is the Fed doing next? Jason from accounting is here to explain the numbers and how it works into your next paycheck (hint it’s not good). Lock your doors there are rapists and serial killers waiting outside folks. Stay tuned

(note, Steve Jobs did not start Pixar, he helped save that)


Karl the golfer, I am better at rhyming than you are at filling your coffer
Want a free offer, for Jimmy Hoffa
A teamster roughed up by some mobsters
I think I am just naturally inclined to let my mind wander
Which stadium is he buried under, send a bouquet of flowers

Karl watched poety’s society & the wall, thinks he is a verb gangster

I don’t care about the score and I don’t even know who is winning this slaughter
Pretty sure we all lose this marauder, mister globetrotter, mister nonsense philosopher

Slander, gander, meander, always in groups of 3 like I learned from Apple presentation fodder

RIP Steve, what an autistic poster child (and kind of a dick), conquered everything but the reaper


ER - there is a tangent starter, crazyman
I am going on break. That joke never gets old, you know the one I mean


Ask me if I give a shit what you think of me Karl

You ignoring me says volumes. Ask me ONCE to back off, acknowledge this harassment and I will stop shining a lovelight on this and making rhymes

You go nuclear and just say whatever comes out of the top of your head, put 15 minutes of thought into what your actions will encourage other people to do. Your song is not the pinnacle, it’s just another lob at me, more flaming cocktails, throwing fire and bits of glass all at me to cut me or light my village on fire

How is that working out for you? Did you pay Eminem royalties for butchering his song? Like a civil penalty, ever heard of tort

 free shipping @ 1800FLOWERS act now, don’t delay, don’t share this exclusive offer! (the coupon is a gimmick to get you to their website folks)  dried flowers can be used for that occasion you didn’t know you wanted flowers for. Get something nice for your wife starting at $30 dude

free shipping @ 1800FLOWERS act now, don’t delay, don’t share this exclusive offer! (the coupon is a gimmick to get you to their website folks)

dried flowers can be used for that occasion you didn’t know you wanted flowers for. Get something nice for your wife starting at $30 dude

INTO DUST - is that your song Adria? I swear, youtube just plays this like every 3 days, pops it into my feed like it’s random
then they play last days of summer which I don’t like, like it is not random

I have you pegged Adria, not fully

What about free will in my recommended list, huh San Bruno

I want you to leave me alone, I will rephrase this and reiterate this for 3.65 centuries if you want me to, mob

Ignored this for what 3.6 years or thereabouts
January 2014 through 2017
Karl when last year did you release your song? Before that song I did 1 fractal image and that is what I believe was provocative

I made 1 lousy image after a whole lot of nonsense directed at me from a mob formed aboard a vessel out at sea, and then in the port, and then when I got back to my routine, trying to do the free weekend warrior routine where I party (lightly) and do lightshows and art and listen to music. You are going to destroy me over that mobsters? That 1 image was my reaction that is justifiable I suppose

 Title: ‘Synapsis’ (sick)  This painting is about my father’s cancer, or not, lots of black chaos, I wouldn’t call this painting beautiful though. There is intricate pen & ink work that you can’t really see in the print  Synapse was a word that I stole from wikipedia because I thought it was interesting. Now, I am trying to figure out what a dendrite is, as if I needed to know that, or the myelin repair process

Title: ‘Synapsis’ (sick)

This painting is about my father’s cancer, or not, lots of black chaos, I wouldn’t call this painting beautiful though. There is intricate pen & ink work that you can’t really see in the print

Synapse was a word that I stole from wikipedia because I thought it was interesting. Now, I am trying to figure out what a dendrite is, as if I needed to know that, or the myelin repair process

it’s not that I don’t have chores & responsibilities, Karl, you see I am efficient and I don’t do some of them
Cutting the grass 5x per month is for suckers. How many gardeners do you have, just 1? Got 1 pool boy, 1 gardener, 1 chauffeur, 1 cook, 4 personal assistants. Ever cut your own grass, just to feel like you are accomplishing something simple. Big huge arena tour is over, back to being a simple man. A distraction as you tizz around on your riding mower and catch the wind in your silver goatee. I am slowly and deliberately removing every blade of glass on my property & installing clover and ground cover and letting the weeds run wild. If you want nice lawn, you need animals, or an interest in mowing your grass frequently. All these things that we never give a chance, are producing tiny little flowers. Takes this weed 6 months just to get 2 inches tall, wildflowers may be a more apt word. Something gets too tall I step on it and give it humility, it will take time for it to permeate who cares

most of my lawn is actually moss, which doesn’t need any trimming or anything. Not really football turf, but I don’t really need that level of grassmanshsip

I think what I really enjoy about the bonsai landscapes is the moss forest, just the miniaturized non-diorama

the problem with grass is that everytime you cut it, it grows back thicker and you train it overtime to actually grow back faster by cutting it frequently. that is crazy, cutting something every week, never letting it reach its potential, always in a state of stress, the more you cut the more it grows, rain sure doesn’t hurt, never letting it grow tall and reproduce, it’s one divine purpose really

Plant a tree. That shows your partner you are in it for the long haul. Watering, fertilizing sometimes or even pruning if you feel like it, mulching maybe if you are getting really into putting forth an effort even. Dead flowers says I like you right now. That says I think you like dead flowers that look pretty for a weekend. Longer if I add this powdered stuff to the water. A tree that you plant, then sit under, says I can’t believe we pulled this off, let’s carve our initials into this tree we grew from a sapling. Plant a flowering tree and be rewarded temporarily with a burst of color. There are some trees that flower for months in your region. If you are in warmer climates, maybe zone 8 now would be a great time to put in a tree if you are inclined. Zone 7 and lower I think you are not giving it enough time to establish roots before it goes dormant, something like that. They are all on sale now at local nurseries. If you are in a hot place like Florida, you can stick some branches into the ground and they will turn into a tree, willows in particular. I got this one the name escapes me, just remove the leaves and stick a green twig in the ground and I got roots going nuts in just a few days. Willow’s have a natural hormone in them, pretty crazy huh monologue reader. Buy a $10 plant and now you got a bunch of new plants if you want, life finds a way, but Willows are super into not dying

fountain of live

When my vision returns I am going to see several shows back to back just to punch me in my earholes

I’ve been A/B testing some of my corkscrew willows in containers
Some are submerged in water, just the bottom 1/4th of the container then it spills over
Others are just doing regular rain
Which one do you know is doing much better?
The one where it can drink as much as it wants or the one just getting by?

I don’t know a thing about it that is why it is interesting

Adria do you believe in evolution? They say willow’s have that to reproduce. Root hormones are made by boiling willow. Primarily in a natural setting you’ll find them along river banks and streams and such, so when a branch breaks off it travels until it gets stuck and then, boom there is a tree’s house

Building a small raingarden for each of my downspouts, that is the idea, willows, that sort of thing, all sorts of little plants that drink a lot of water, figure out ways to catch and collect, divert and branch, a squash patch, a stanch by mounding berms and swells in artistic ways. Not now, but over years, with successive plantings and some planning. I am putting in a couple of pockets for the rain to hangout for a day or two while all of the clay takes a breather, at least that is the idea, it’s just a series of neverending challenges, I guess it is a matter of perspective. Life I mean

50 acres, that would be enough acreage to do some real damage
fifty different gardens, within one sort of united arboretum, each one named after a different U.S. state
I think it’s a good idea for a public art space even if it never takes flight
Have space for whomever to hang out, read, fly model helicopters, watch birds (may have to keep some groups separate), fly paper airplanes, sketch the nearby air traffic

A place where others (not me) could educate, do all sorts of things with respect to nature

The forest trails you see in public parks, where you are elevated above the soil and it’s a boardwalk in the forest would be a big center of interest after many years of labor

If there is even a possibility of me being

incapacitated in a few decades

you bet your ass I will sweeten up to ADA accessibility as much as possible, sans elevation
Gravity is the real equalizer huh
It’s not something I had really truly considered with a ton of thought, being disabled
the worst has to be the youngest kids who are physically having a rough go around
I think we all sort of expect to fall apart as we get older, sometimes our timelines don’t line up like we want

They say you need 1 year to survey a property, stress test it, see what happens when a hurricane rolls nearby


It’s wild I think. Never thought about that shit until 2018. I was like I will be a hermit for like 1 year try it out see if I like it, haha, not really just taking a break, decompressing from harassment that played a part too. Just to not have to deal with stoplights for a while. Now I am immersed in snakeworld it’s so fascinating I think. Got all these factions of animals, if they don’t compete for the same food they are friendly, like the squirrels testing boundaries getting chased around. These guys have so many acorns they are categorizing them by flavor if they want. They do not like dogs. Hi Adria, remember all those anecdotal stories I made, you still using my words on your page I haven’t looked in probably weeks, is the link still active? Squirrel. Fake ass poet. Doubling down? Think I got too much time on my hands? I don’t, I have shit to do as a matter of fact, it’s my health I just don’t have the energy truth be told, unless I do a double espresso then I am like a fireball for a brief moment, but then I crash and then what, I can’t have 3 cups of coffee per day. That is too much, that shit is addictive, next thing you know I’ll drink coffee in the morning and then where is the effectiveness?

I got 20 things I am not working on right this moment, just excuses

You abide by your state mandates and water your lawn on specific dates, rhyme man?

Probably going to get 500 inches of rain next year, never seen it rain like it does here, must be the damn mountain just like is a magnet for localized weather conditions or something. This property floods, no wonder there is no good soil anywhere, just different layers of segmented clay, orange, red, tan sediments among the rocks and sand, I have found one so heavy I can’t move it, just digging around trying to plant something. Thing has been here a long time, the way the rocks break apart but are still next to each other, that is some strong glacial type forces at work or something who knows I sure don’t. I believe in evolution, Adria

Found one rock, someone pointed this I didn’t see it, but it looks like it has a fossilized leaf into it. We both agree that is what it looks like, a fern or something, but it’s an organic shape not a natural one, wild to think how short our life is. I’ll photograph it this deserves proof. I know where it is, it sitting outside. Sentience is a bitch. That is what propels us or grounds us depending on your choice of perspective

Some people sit around punching down on people
Am I right mob?

That is crazy to me, send your homeless hippies to Yosemite let them pick out a plot, 40 acres, the opposite of sooners we’ll call them the slackers. They can listen to phish and talk about deep space. All the ones who are into the urban scene, send them to Detroit. Give them each a few thousands bucks so they can go buy a building they like. They’ll figure out a plan, can you imagine if we gave the fucking homeless people their own building?

They would start bakeries, and florist shops, and afterschool programs that would make Trump’s jaw drop

Give them a free house and then they don’t exploit it and flip it for more houses?

Fuck our president’s lack of empathy for the homeless problem ravaging (primarily) our warmer cities, we have homeless here too in VA. I am going to start giving them like $5 or $10 gift cards. I can get them for free from my discover rewards card, won’t cost me shit literally. If I have the time and don’t have my dog and don’t have shit in my front seat I would like to offer to break bread with some of these people, see if we can’t brainstorm (in a non judgemental way) how I can (potentially not likely) help them up on their feet

What do you do when you see someone with a sign? Avoid eye contact?

I have too much empathy, most of you have way too much too

Some, a very tiny percentage, like (some) politicians and the people who seem to find their way into power, don’t really see the people as people, that is the first part of the problem

Some number on your graph

completely made up anecdotal opinion with a nice graph

You know what is baller? Buying an entire neighborhood in the most expensive area of the country
If you have an entire culdasac you know you have made it in America’s top elite

Or Palm Beach, a resort island, or what is that island in Florida, the fancy one
If you own your own island, and it’s an actual island, that is pretty crazy
You figured out a crazy new mousetrap and bought an island, lots of people own islands according to TMZ

How many golf courses do you own Karl? What kind of dicktator are you anyway?

Slows me down, I prefer to be downtrodden with my freestyle

Abstract poetry, random associations that have a flow
I can do ABBA, how many limericks did you not even pick up on because I did not format them in the way that is easier for you to read like double spaced sentences

What do you know about Ireland poetry? Huh, mister poetry, what do you know about the Irish greats. Not the potato faminine, I mean the writers

25th year the Cranberries reissue coming at you when the math lines up, probably to coincide with Christmas since us Millennials love smashing pumpkins & other food puns worse than Karl’s solo studio titles make sense

I can’t call a painting title nonsensical and be silly and not provide context and you can do the same mob

Nobody listens to your music, why are you looking at my images. What are you doing reading this I can’t even paint worth 2 damns

About as much as my dog which is more than I can say for me
that is how much Irish poetry I know. Rock n Roll, on the other hand

Boring uninspired poets:
If you start off and people read each blast worse than your last email campaign Erik,

Short bursts of text that is hard to ignore

namechecking you gives you the opportunity for you to read your favorite word, and your favorite subject

By making lots of white space, your non fake readers will get more engaged

Don’t you like it when “fans” (when not used in a derogatory sense) call your studio effort an album they listen all the way through? Is that not the highest compliment even if singles put food on the table? And like 1 or 2 at that, pareto in full check, I bet about 80% of your revenue comes from 20% or less of your efforts

You got 5 albums, 1 sells well, that is stats

You can get caught up in trying to figure it out too if it applies to you, it does to most things

Then you have a band like Pearl Jam (with great different lighting, perhaps in part responsible for the avocado adoption over the past 12 years), not always trying to be cohesive, the conceptual elements sometimes fall flat, but you pop it in and hit play and don’t hit the skip button on any of their records, or not for me anyway. just a solid rock record every release, no expectations to get let down

Per guitar player, they released Vs. 25 years ago today + 1 day, October 19th, 1993

Featuring no music videos, before they took on ticketmaster

none of their long-lasting songs sound like they are harassing someone

Other bands, some songs are more hit or miss
Coltrane does that for you Karl? What 1 album do you listen to obsessively Karl? Isn’t he like the go to for jazz? I am asking I want to learn

Throw a little reformatting in there so they feel like you are fighting the established poetry club members

Anecdotes sprinkled in to show humanity, like how Beck is hands down the best studio album making outfit around. Every time it’s a new landscape, sometimes a portrait like that Sea album about Changing, that was a pivot that let the music industry know they

underestimated him. I don’t read reviews anymore but some trickle down when I am looking up trivia. His last effort I haven’t listened to but maybe a couple of times all the way through. I know in interviews he has said this is like his big beatles record where he wants it to sound perfect. It’s an awful lot going on, I don’t mind the poppiness but it is very refined if that is the right word

Screw your punctuation and your capitalization

My fingers hurt, the reason my left wrist cramps is because of the inconvenient placement of the tab button

The plates and screws in my wrist probably don’t help the stiffness, but I mean in my joints not my wrist, though that isn’t always peachy not that I would even put that in my top 10 list of complaints

#1 mob
#2 vision bullshit
#3 genocide & murder
#4 wealth disparity
#5 whatever the people in the swamp that is our esteemed stinking nation’s capitol are doing to wreck even more shit this morning, don’t you take off the weekends? Should you not be lobbying on the 9th? Shaking hands and what not



You know Trump cheats at golf, a game where nobody even keeps score, allegedly. I didn’t say barely one negative thing about Bush, wasn’t a fan of everything Obama, wasn’t voting for him or singing his praises. I only vote 3rd parties if I bother to vote at all. Trump just takes the cake, it is understandable why everyone has tuned out, we are an oligarchy, not a republic

whatever you know what I mean, it was a damn metaphor, a literary device thing

didn’t you test the design before you unleashed carpal on all of us? You know how easy it would be to redesign a keyboard? It would be a weekend project. Relearning that shit on the other hand, I’ll just stop using the tab as much

You chose the easiest possible word in the English Dictionary to rhyme me, man
I haven’t figured out your unintelligible lyrics, else I would have covered that sham

I don’t know the first thing about music theory. I probably listen to way fewer bands than you, you ever get to catch other bands sets or you sit on your bus and play xbox and do wrist curls? I bet I listen to more music than you do old man rhyme, I don’t know old school, jazz, coldtrane he is okay, you know more than me. You are smarter than me, but that doesn’t mean shit to me. I don’t care if you have 8 degrees in frames above your bunk bed

You get shit done. That I admire. You are much more successful than bands that (in my opinion) sound more interesting than you. That is like my opinion. I like business, wall street, mom & pop joints to. I don’t care about my business, ran it for nearly 2 decades now I am winding it down. Criticize me for launching a half baked site, but do so understanding that my previous site was something I spent thousands of hours hacking. It was a piece of art, the way customers flowed into my cart. I do more revenue now than I did then, granted margins aren’t much at the wholesale level coming back from the hybrid retail game. Hate me because I don’t like my job even though I got nothing to do. I worked 7 days a week, and would have worked 8 days if I could have for years & years

Karl, I think you are a workaholic in your own way. Not putting out prolific amounts of material, but I bet you rehearse like a madman. I don’t really get funk (not directed at the genre). Blues I really really enjoy, but I don’t get that either

I want to figure out country. I love rap, used to not appreciate it, but now I see that it is punk for disenfranchised young people. It is not a color thing (not now anyway), it’s about DIY. Do it and ask questions later. If you don’t know how to do something, do it and figure it out. Two turn tables and microphone, I get what that is about. Where it’s at, all the influencers (sick) being influenced by younger musicians climbing up the hill, that I get. Some people are screaming get off my hill, but others are lifting them up on gondola lifts if that is even the right term, the little chairs that lift up on a cable you know the ones

You like my abstract finger paintings? Bet you don’t but you see I am trying to do something different

Do you like my playshops? Nope. Put “jamcruise” on my tour itinerary as if I had one, the one where I was teaching myself how to hack google maps. Man I had a slick tour thing, better than your websites were back on 2014. Each tour date map icon was a little easel thing, took me a tremendous amount of effort to get that working. A programmer could have done it a half our, me it took more than one afternoon of tinkering. Didn’t do any art on jamcruise except doodle & sketch, they weren’t into me bringing all those inks, TSA I mean

Hard to fly with your medium sometimes with the fun police being overzealous and all

Land of the free associations and crazy people

Are you a republican Karl? Like a card carrying one? probably don’t like trump if you are huh

Probably a libertarian like most people are, I am on most issues. I don’t believe in anarchy, I think people generally keep everyone in check. I don’t believe in the death penalty (I keep bringing this up, because, DJ Williams was in a damn middle eastern jail and was roughed up because he is an American, an African one at that, though I bet he identifies with American not his skin color am I right DJ, and his name is Donald something with a J I don’t care). Do you have a view on capital punishment DJ? Mister, I’ve seen shit I will never see

I way more empathy towards you than you do towards me DJ as evidenced by the fact that you won’t leave me be

Call in 25,000 witnesses and you won’t hear one person (aside from what I have written here) disparage you. I don’t gossip about people. People who are in my friends circles who have fucked with me over this nonsense directly or indirectly are not my friends. We are friendly, but if you gossip about people I probably don’t spend a lot of time around in the first place, but secondly, if you gossip about me behind my back then that means you do that to everyone. I try not to surround myself with people like that. People know I don’t gossip (this verbal assault where I am making points about free speech amidst my own ramblings notwithstanding). I don’t like to gossip about people in my personal life. Let’s talk about the crazy weather, it’s wild am I right? This is the part where the trees get confused. Saw in Japan, the cherry trees (which bloom in Spring) are blooming in Fall now. Storms ravaged the leaves, they put out new ones so they wouldn’t die, and then they get a second bloom. Once in a 1,000 year event, until it starts happening more frequently climate deniers

You see how bad NC is getting hit this year? Two back to back? Reminds me of 2003 when VA got hit hard, tree fell through my house in Isabel nearly severing me had I not gone to a different room to answer a phone from my hysterical mom. My gay (at the time) roommate was screaming like a drama queen. I remember I heard the rootball, and I will retell this because it is actually crazy, heard the roots snap. Just stood there like a deer didn’t even duck just dropped the phone I think, I don’t remember. It was all in slow motion like you always hear about. Boom landed in the room next to me while I watched it through the open blinds. Mom I got to call you back, what was that sound, I think I am dead

My ex roommate (who was only my roommate and my friend and not anything else) was screaming, got like 3 days worth of stories out of that bitch Isabel, what a storm. Him siphoning gasoline out of my parents car and getting gas in his mouth. All the gas stations were closed as you would imagine. Just a funny image. My house was condemned. I had to break the law to sleep in my own house that I was renting while they rebuilt the roof and what not, went half way through the house, limbs poking through my bedroom ceiling. Crazy. Within a few days my landlord took the whole thing down, reinforced it with hurricane methods they were showing me. Crazy is an appropriate word for that nonsense. That was the last storm I reveled in, I think I was filming, we had a neighborhood hurricane party BEFORE that event. Tree crashing through kind of changed the mood

Don’t care what the guy down the street said to his wife, or who stabbed whom. That is crazy I don’t want that mental image in my brain

Here is another (presumably) autistic musician (not that there is anything wrong with that). Give him a grammy every now and again and he will surprise us, not that people do things for validation but it’s validating when you are appreciated for the very thing you put work into. Like some super hot chick (or dude depending on your preference) who is a 10 on the Richter scale giving them this chip on their shoulder, so they go out and solve world peace or build these billion dollar companies (with a lot of help). Oh you think I am just a model, I’ll marry the president

She in some interview, someone asked something shitty and disrespectful like “would you have married him if he were not a billionaire” and she quipped back “would he have married me if I were not a super model”

Oucho groucho, no masking her contempt for that reporter’s question

His son (who is DEFINITELY NOT) autistic is going to have a rough life

Don’t give him any more vaccines, he has had 1 too many right

I don’t know his name off the top of my head shows how much I care
I think it sucks that he is going to get shitcanned for his father’s choices

He should pick up something in the arts, or become a plumber or something respectable like that
Man I seriously can’t remember his name, he should stay low and not get into fights with people who provoke him

He is a little off, that is what the bullies hone in on
Poor kid, son of the most powerful person, second to Jeff Bezos, in this country

Picked your city yet? Is it close to your McMansion? Show us your cards, what’s in your cards

Bozo is more quiet about that Virginian who was murdered, that journalist who works for that damn prestigious paper in that city where that clown has the biggest house, than Karl is about me sharing this harassment not only publicly but at the very top of my stupid website

You would not believe how many people it takes to make something go viral, not many evidently

Just say big shit like 365 years of rhymes, or “I am going to break the internet”

Bozo versus bozo

I see why people don’t believe in politics

That lady in NC, was that you mobsters? The McDreamy bit that was funny if so mob. Got a cheap laugh out of me. That lady who I talked with and vented to, was that you mob? That is illegal I think if so, that’s a new level if that is related. That lady sent me an authorized bootleg (how is your distribution going mob) of the greenville show, I said I went to Hampton, I had a friend more into PJ than I am even, he was supposed to go but that’s life right mob

Lots of people are vying to be my pen pal it feels like, especially over the last 6 seasons or so

Got some strange emails directly following jamcruise, within that week, or month if I have those emails I’ll be using those as examples. I don’t think I have access to them, don’t think it’s pertinent to get them resurrected but those emails exist on the servers of Yahoo’s underperforming servers

A bit of humanity, or more mockery? Because of your song and what it inspires people to do, Karl, mister ringleader, I have to question acts of kindness like that. That is how your well poisoning effects my life in a very visceral viaduct

There is an album that has grown on me over time

been teasing about the next one for how many years? Today October 20th you release a promo about your last video? Coincidence

my stupid left wrist is locked up and my fingers are being bitches

that’s enough, 5 hours and 45 +/- minutes of free style

going to do some bonsai wrist exercises, you tie off my loose cannons

 Are jamcruise mobsters protecting the identity of Adria? What has happened to Eve? New pieces to this puzzle first at five but here is the weather, what a used up trope worse than K-billy, what a great movie that is about MOBSTERS, from a director who is Autistic

Are jamcruise mobsters protecting the identity of Adria? What has happened to Eve? New pieces to this puzzle first at five but here is the weather, what a used up trope worse than K-billy, what a great movie that is about MOBSTERS, from a director who is Autistic


Adria the Alias you didn’t offend just me, but my whole lineage when you disparage my name

Karl, are your stationary stepping stones gathering moss? You live in Cali, so you must have a 1/4 acre spread with fruit trees and shit? Little pathways, you got a big pool taking up 1/2 of your yard? If I was as rich as you I would build a botanical garden and give free food to anyone provided the health dept fun police said it was okay

Leave your rhines on the ground for the wilderness to eat

You have a family crest? Mobsters? I do

I have very little African in me you believe that? I’ll have to hack into my dna thing that I also got a security warning about I think. Pinterest, tumblr, google analytics (I think this was a fluke), probably all confirmation bias, occam’s razorblades huh

 this is not her real name, I am not namechecking this harassment I received in my inbox

this is not her real name, I am not namechecking this harassment I received in my inbox

Hope I never serial kill anyone they got my sequence on lockdown, they know more about me than I would ever care to know, had some weird stuff I found odd. My first cousin found me because an icon (me) showed up on her dashboard, THAT is wild. All of us, are opted in. If any of you rape or kill people you are going to get caught. I think that is a good thing, less raping and less killing, but it sure comes at a cost right big brother Karl. You got siblings Karl? I am going to figure out if you have autism old man, I swear if you are projecting and you have autism and are hating on me for my difficulties while you make my life more frustrating, that is the type of shit they make documentaries about

Got my, get this, twelvth weekly homesnap email offering me new properties in Philly, 19128, which Karl you will find this to be a coincidence, a deserving one after you harassed me to no end, anonymously

Did a “I lost my password” to retrieve it, what a rabbit hole that website is

This was AFTER I mentioned I have a catch all email address for that domain, they had a lightbulb moment and thought they could prank my inbox. Joke is on them, that caught my spam filters like you wouldn’t believe, it was by chance that I caught that. Almost lost a decent sized order this week by almost not checking my spam folders. Got to train those algorithms with lots of mail. My main email account, good good it doesn’t even give me a count it just says “many” because it would take too long to computer that. Never delete your emails, you know they stopped putting in ads in gmail finally? Not only was it creepy, but with AI, it is a real security issue. People save passwords and all sorts of private things unencryped in their email because they don’t think about the consequences, like that dre conscience bit

Tripling down on my security, so there is that if anything good came out of this

Maybe another person(s) will use a password manager and not use the same password over & over again after reading how frequently they get hacked when (unsecure) databases are shared. Sometimes they tell people, hey I am releasing this info give me some crypto, or else. Another shitty use of an alias. Like when they shut down the hospitals, that is North Koreans I think. Pretty scummy business they are in. There are businesses that help business’ acquire crypto, so that if they are locked out of their system, they can not kill their patients and what not. That is a crummy business also, if not done with good intentions

 I am going to delete this whole page anyway, most of it, but I already credited this photographer I’ll try and find the link if I don’t delete this damn page first, this is not my photo. This is the musicians from Jamcruise XII, they look just like us huh, you can barely tell how big Karl’s oversized ego is in this picture. They don’t look like big fancy rock stars huh czar?

I am going to delete this whole page anyway, most of it, but I already credited this photographer I’ll try and find the link if I don’t delete this damn page first, this is not my photo. This is the musicians from Jamcruise XII, they look just like us huh, you can barely tell how big Karl’s oversized ego is in this picture. They don’t look like big fancy rock stars huh czar?

What do you do for work Adria? Rip people off and steal from them?

Crazy eyes

Tricia was that you? That lady from NC was that you mob? Adria, then Marla Eagle after I made a mashup or 3 about that dumb macho movie everyone misinterpreted, then a John with an n asking me about oil projectors that don’t make sense. Then I got like 3 more emails about projections, people trying to put in a liquid wheel into a gobo or something, then this really irritates my britches Karl, people harassing me on my Etsy. Part of the reason I shut down ebay was because of strange emails and nonsense. Isn’t profitable, and yet, I had a higher feedback score on there than I do on Etsy? You think I have a good score on Etsy cause it is a fluke what about my like 8 year old ebay that you mined for your confirmation bias? Sold a Perpetual Groove DVD on ebay, is that what started all this nonsense? My inability to discard things that have value? Sold all of my possessions that were holding me down on ebay. Junk, crap, broken stuff. Operating manuals I flipped for 5 bucks with 1 minute of my time. Think I’ll get $5 worth of heat out of that I don’t. If you have an item and it breaks, and you don’t want to fix it with epoxy or something, you can sell it. Things that I liked (but just didn’t need too much clutter), I felt like it was better other people having some of that stuff. More than once I screwed up, admitted it, and people were like it’s fine. People are absolutely understanding of mistakes, generally 2 mistakes. BUT if your well has been poisoned and they are primed into thinking something, PRIME is a word I’ll use again make a note of that, they don’t give you the benefit of the doubt. Right now is a great example. People have an opinion of me, THANKS KARL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, so I don’t get to explain (AM I RIGHT DJ PER THAT HIGH TIMES ARTICLE I WON’T LINK TO). Hypocrites on parade worse than Tacobell. Didn’t you sign a be kind oath to not do any harm Tinkerbell? I got no beef with you honey, but I think you don’t like me huh. I think you hate me less than Karl. Solve this problem. Show everyone you are empathetic. Let karl get in the last word since he is right and we are both wrong. See if I care how or when he backs down. Think I am going to shut up? I’ll cross some lines, I expect you are going to send me a piece of paper. If you do that and ignore this, after trying to send me a fake trifling welfare check (punk move), it will not bode well when you are try and argue that you weren’t aware that i was offended in 2017, forget 2014. You are well aware I am offended Jamcruise mobsters. I got no beef with Jamcruise, or Cloud9, Adventures, but they let this foster and it is their people who were in part to blame. Karl, you are the face of jamcruise. You have like 10 people in your band and ONLY one person’s face representing your band. You represent that boat too. I sure hope that other dude from that band I won’t namecheck who I bet my life on is aware of this harassment, plays that song with you. That will be the ultimate spreadsheet mashup you have no idea how much I want you to push that button. That is beyond targeted just by sheer coincidence and it’s the provocation you are looking for. Do a lightshow on your boat, that is hard as shit to argue, but a dude with my name playing with you, do it Karl. Take one for the teamsters. You think I am harassing you by shining a crazy lovelight on this harassment? I see why you think that. You didn’t even send a thank you card for my pomegranate bonsai, that is not kind or grateful. AND more interesting, not once has anyone asked me to back off. I think you want me to keep digging, or, more likely cause you know I will not stop digging until I hit the Indian ocean (look it up dummy), you think I will run out of digging steam. Like I can’t use mechanized equipment. Ever dig an 8 foot (*mud puddle) by hand after an excavator gives you a couple of light scoops to take the top layer of clay off?

What is your last name? Dot com? Middle name @gmail? Adria the Alias @gmail dot com. You should be an abstract painting with a sure name like that

my fingers are not working, this page is blurry, my left wrist is going to cramp up if I don’t stop typing

no time for condensation, explanation, trivialization. chalk this one under an unfinished, unedited, don’t feel like typing this I made at least the beginnings of a point though

My point is and has been since day 1 that A) a mob is harassing me, B) they continue to harass me (as evidenced by their chirps), C) they don’t know anything about me and they are poisoning my well, based in part, because others have poisoned my well. This is why the fake orders (that I think are fake) piss me off 1000000x more than any song ever would. You interfering with my business Karl Denson by encouraging this mob to harass me pisses me off. Started getting a lot of strange emails last spring, the same time this started escalating. MIND YOU, I was still ignoring this at that time. Until June 2nd, 2017 when Karl crossed my rubicon. Did it like a coward and did it to provoke me. 365 years of provocation is not what they thought this mentally retarded person was up for. I am employable unlike a lot of people with frustration problems. That “high functioning” term pisses me off to no end, all you are doing is disparaging other people when you try and label me mob. Don’t think I am on a spectrum, wait til I find my results think I am below sharing that? I was literally off the charts, you can see where the scores were normalized and shit. I said that looks like I am off the charts and the therapist laughed. She watched me walk, the way I bounce is part of my wiring. Can’t unlearn that. I am extremely sensitive to bright light, gives me a eyeache, not like a headache but close in proximity, but especially afternoon sun. Like when you are driving and the sun is crossing your path and you can’t see. Not only can I not see but my eyes hurt even with glasses. Worst time to get into an accident I bet. Drunk people driving home from the bars before the police start looking. Drunks chugging a couple of quick ones on the way home to get a head start, or to get an extra couple in since the spouse is a nag. That just getting off work period is dangerous. No complaints, I need to stop talking shit about my eyeballs. They know I love them. I can list off 50 things you can make fun of me for Karl. Being gay is not one. Being in love with some dude because I patronized their music too much and thought someone was talking shit about me while I was on mushrooms and had taken the biggest vape of my life? Let’s discuss that. Were you the fuckers I gave clown noses to? I was on drugs I don’t remember. I think (and I don’t like to use this descriptor but it is what I got), I think I gave those clown noses to a black person. I was fucked up. I remember hearing a voice I recognized and thought someone was talking shit about me. That is why I got all anxious and pissed off. You think it’s something else. I won’t use that F word against you karl since it is derogatory and I’ll try and refrain. I think you have some repressed sexual identity issues. Are you down low Karl? Does your wife think you are gay Karl? You married? None of my business. Kind of gave me an opportunity to question those when you broadcast to anyone who will listen that some dude form 5 years ago whom(who?) you are harassing is gay. Why don’t you say I am a cross dresser to help with the Adria trans hating demo? I don’t care if people want to wear dresses. Are child pedophiles going to abuse this? I hope I am not speaking out of term, but don’t we have isolated incidents of people being murdered literally every day in this country? Every day, and nobody cares? More crazy sentences. Karl do you support murder? I bet you don’t. I bet you know a lot more people in California than I do. Don’t you have a huge homeless problem I see the CEO of Square bitching about this morning? Dude runs two companies. Across the street worse than Jobs. Classic autism. Look at what he says in interviews. The reason I did is because I was an investor in twitter for many years, but it’s a cesspool. Allow me to prove your point for you. Man. Right DJ. That twitter guy is autistic as fuck. The way he themes out his days. All the meetings he has, he hates meetings. Silicon valley is full of companies run by people on the autism spectrum. I am not comparing myself, they are 1000x more crazy than I am building rockets and shit. Microdosing is what they are into out west, tried that once and found myself on a different planet. There was a hot air balloon, I had to forfeit a gig because I couldn’t move. Some punk stole our electric cord, after I asked specifically not to be setup next to a stage where an LD thinks I am trying to steal his photons. I am not that type of smarts. I am just curious and have an insatiable appetite for useless trivia. Back to the fortune 500 housing crisis. Salesforce guy (who learned his tactics from Oracle asshole, don’t know much about either and won’t offer an armchair diagnosis), is paying out of his own money to lobby the government, to have his competitors disproportionately taxed. He is paying 1mm to have them taxed at a rate that was either 4 or 8x I think I read a few hours ago, too busy to backtrack. That is business warfare. They all do it out in the open, over the table, in a shitty way. Lobbyists. Me rhyming on Karl is shitty. This is the opposite of positive. Me making flames, I don’t want to paint shit on fire! I will make 52 album covers about stuff and maybe one is full of flames, one death metal, one soundtrack, etc., but I don’t want to paint negativity scenes. Call me naive, but I like exploring color. Synesthesia? I don’t think I have that but other people have accused me of it and have tried to get me to get tested. I’ll do it for free to prove you that you are wrong mister art instructor. I am donating my eye cortex to science whether they want it or not to see if they can help other people in the future be less inflamed. Bob we just received a ziplock bag of defrosted eyeball soup? Do you know why a funeral home would send us eyeballs? Yeah people will abuse that bathroom power. That is your justification? Haters? Aliases? Even been to a hole in the wall punk club that has neutral bathrooms? Ever pissed in a ladies bathroom cause a couple of people are in the men’s bathroom? Annabel, you are a rule breaker. You are friends with musicians because you are a special ray of light and you get them to sign stuff for you as social proof worse than selfies with nobody in them but you Karl. I tease, I don’t care what you do, HOWEVER, you care an awful lot about not leaving me alone. You must piss in men’s bathrooms and don’t think twice about it because that is a stupid arbitrary rule. Annable don’t you support your gay & lesbian & trans friends? I bet approximately 9-11% of the people you know are on that persuasion. I bet there are gay people on jamcruise as accepting as that place prides itself on being to the outside world. Wordplay is fun for dummies. You support people harassing me Annabel or whatever your name is? I bet you don’t. That is your battle cry? I will hit up promoters and I will make offers to provoke you because after years of ignoring this, people evidently are getting a gigantic kick out of provoking me still. I’ll learn how to box so I can kick you back. Rat a tat. You wouldn’t provoke me if I had a neck tattoo or if I had a sleeve for that matter. I got some fake tattoo sleeves, probably got 6 different styles. Cause I am silly and sold a lot of those. There is something oddly specific, targeted, and personally identifiable that I have sold that I am wrapping about that you can rap over your arms mobsters. I can see the brand of your yacht costume hats and tell what importer you got it from. A lot of your costume crap, jamcruise mobsters, is not sold by me, but by companies that buy from the same supplier as I do. I distribute things in bulk, my cost is by definition wholesale. I sold a ton of chicken hats to what’s his face, don’t like to namecheck customers, but that dude on your fancy boat bought from me. Told bootsy’s bass player that because they were talking about it, not to be weird. He used them publicly, it isn’t like I am violating his privacy that chicken dude. The big band with the sax, sold them a shit ton of inflatable instruments. B’roo, Red Rocks, others I don’t recall. I don’t take phone orders anymore since I have issues with discerning tone mostly, but they would call and order them for this or that festival. IF that company stopped ordering from me, due to this defamation, that is illegal. That is interference with my business. As if anyone I send an email to in order to build my audience is going to change their tune if they find out Karl is an asshole. You sell tickets, there is no shaming you into not being an asshole. Think I don’t know that? I think you are autistic Karl. I think you will never back down for that reason, worse than a pitbull with crocodile like tenacity. That big fest in Michigan, whatever they renamed Rothbury to I think. Phish, Inc., bought up every damn groucho glass in the country in 2003 for their IT festival. Phish, Inc. showed up on my caller ID. Hmm let’s see who this is. Some intern or PA or someone, and I am like you need how many? Look over next to me in my basement and I have maybe a few cases probably less. Let me call you back. There was a shortage of groucho glasses, how funny is that. Baseball stadiums used to order from me on the regular when my old site had good SEO and I had more traffic than I knew what to do with. Now, some days I got nothing to do. It’s like a choose your own adventure, if it was that simple. I am exhausted some days when I wake up and my eyeballs are assholes, so there are caveats for what you wish for & work decades to achieve. At least I got health insurance though (shout out to my Art patrons who pay my health premiums, all of my art money goes to insurance it is so defeating trying to avoid getting ahead in this backwards country. America is insane. I am crazy, but you can argue I was born that way, nurture vs nature what are your thoughts philosophers rolling stone?). I’ve sold to a number of people on that boat, and it’s not that interesting except for the weird connection how life imitates art. You want some yacht costume hats? I’ll pricematch for you mobsters, to show you I am a businessman and I can put petty grudges you have towards me aside while I still offer you excellent service, fast turnaround, and great pricing. My selection is terrible, who feels like writing product descriptions all day!? Dumb ass captain hats, how many are there on your ship? Too hip to wear a trilby, don’t you have a church hat a relative handed down to you that can blow off the side of the ship during those 800 mph gusts? How many poems did you write today teamsters? Fake ass poets, you don’t even get that Robin Williams movie I shared so much. You know that dude was autistic right? Another one of my heroes, the most likable American we had and we let him down. Now we are stuck with Hanks, or Oprah, or the damned Rock he is personable huh WWF wildlife people. That’s good justification midwest haters. Oh you aren’t in a mob, well then I meant San Diego and wherever the Tiny Universe lives then

Adria I could care if you have ever been to Miami, let alone that expensive, exclusive vacation where “fans” pay for the rockgods to bask in the sun, you are part of this mob Adria whatever your gender is underneath that disguise

As I have said repeatedly, I do not want and will not accept one penny from this mob unless it is to repay for my legal fees. I will use this as a stepping stone to build a botanical garden by acquiring a low interest business loan. I am a lot of things, I can be whatever you want me to be. I know for me, my word is important to me and I would be anti-metastatic to pay back an unorthodox business loan in full. That didn’t make sense, I was trying to play off of a different word. Sometimes my puns don’t land folks, shoot me, shoot me the mashup curator for giving you such fine mashups

Who remembers this underdog story? My 18th curated mashup, oh that editor has skills. Not even a mashup, I didn’t mashup that one just shared stuff. Sexuality, all of this stuff going on is what people want to see. But the truth is always less interesting than that. Rap, over quiet classical beats. Token black guy, nothing on that beach is what the people judging everything think. That whole series or movie (don’t know or care what they are summarizing even), that is a powerful mashup. I am not the dude with his shirt on, I am not looking for some hot blonde that used to be a mascot for my teenage employees (life ha! who caught that reference in that video anyone)

Oh man I am homing in if people don’t see the table lifting

You can’t even give me an insincere disingenuous fiver letter apology mob

Acknowledge this harassment and I’ll back up 180 degrees

Apologize I’ll shut up, I said that months ago

I am not backing down til people leave me be

Karl however many miles removed, every time you defame me with that song it cuts me

THAT is why you play it
I know you thought I was mentally retarded. Did you see the poem I made into a cruiseship? I did like 3

You are a good musician, but a terrible human old man, at least from where I sit
I probably have it all backwards though right you are good to your family, help out when you can in your community
we all do enough to make ourselves feel good, the stuff we never tell anybody about, a few dollars or a simple act of kindness

I’ve been so broke before without cash that I couldn’t afford to give homeless improv troupes 25 cent
I once had a trick quarter (which I keep in my wallet, and btw I always tell people it is a trick quarter after I win, then forfeit the bet, or sometimes it’s good for bar games), and I could have given them that. Cost me like $3 wholesale or something, too easy for people to claim they didn’t get it though and 1 out of 10 gets lost in untrackable envelope and it throws off your margins

Relayed that story to my friend and he misinterpreted what I was saying, but I didn’t realize that at the time

People think I am overreacting don’t know 10% of this story

If I am overreacting why haven’t I received cease & desist letters over the last 4 months and 19 days since I started speaking up, huh?

They think I am going to run out of steam

As if

I am getting ready for winter bitch

If I have to list my priorities right now, bonsai is above you mob, family is above bonsai even if they don’t know that. Friends I am taking a break on this year, people can rebuild bridges. Karl you destroyed a lot of bridges fighting this proxy battle for Perpetual Groove and the jamcruise mobsters

Where are all the people I can’t namecheck? None of them are harassing me

Gaslighting it’s what is effective in 2018 online bullying

fake ass crazy disgruntled Brian here, ramblin’. Doing the ramble shuffle. Freestylin’ with no g on the end so you know I am being playful with your strict structures, where are my stuttererers. I had problems with my sses’, we stand together. Ever just type whatever comes into your head and then put it into song form and after about 15 minutes of effort you resing that hateful, flagrant, shameful slandering libeling composition every single set you play, sans the ones where you are ripping off the All Man brothers? Worse than that beasite boys ripoff, haven’t heard that but I’ll offer my opinion since I am opinionated worse than the rhyming czar. Karl are you a homosexual? Some of my best friends are out, are you in the closet Karl Denson? You are insinuating I am, is this not up for cross examination? Do you ever wear women’s garments I bet Adria has, suppressing some fantasy. Someone tried to give me a dudes shorts one time but I don’t think they were pranking me. If that was directed at me, however, they are fake, and every single person in that crew is a poseur. People in my social circle know about this song Karl Denson. Adria is your name Michael [redacted], father of a girl I used to date for like 5 years? I adore him, his wife, his daughter too. She wronged me, I wronged her. I could see a father being that upset to where they form an alias and hit me like a coward from a gmail address. I don’t think that is what this is, think he thinks I am a big asshole though but he isn’t that type of guy to hit me with an alias. Point being, Adria you could be anyone that is why I am not going to have you punching me for the rest of my life. Karl, the nanosecond he backs off watch me back off to pursue you. IF you are involved and colluding with them, THEN, that would make sense why they won’t back off and why they will gaslight me, to protect you. Are you associated with any of the core bands that have been harassing me Alias? Adria, do you work for a company that makes musical instruments? Did you try to steal money from me? Straight up tried to steal from me because someone else poisoned my well and called me a thief ruining my reputation? Straight up to my face were flippant and said matter of fact, with no irony, you aren’t getting a refund. WOW. That is audacious. They rubbed me all the wrong ways and I privately asked them to refund me. I don’t think they would risk everything over some dumb kid but I am just putting the timeline into view, that fake chick that fake friended me who has a anti-resplendence to Adria but its probably just my facial blindness. I’ve had customers steal product from me and me recover money from a collections agency. I have had companies steal product from me and refuse to return it and I have refused a refund. I have had misunderstandings (and I had a lot more order volume than you appreciate when I was doing retail in that warehouse with a bunch of full & part time employees). Confirmation biases are good at confirming what you want to see, not what is there knuckleheads. Did you use that well poisoning, to do your very own well poisoning? You can’t be dumb enough to risk your entire professional reputation to punch down on me. I made a crazy post on Mothers Day 2015, honestly wasn’t thinking about the date for some reason. Wasn’t being selfish, but that is how it looks. My mom & I are as close as we ever have been. I can see why someone else looking from the inside sees it differently, though. A parent? Who knows. Just throwing stuff at the wall. I have no beef with anyone. Anyone attacking me with an alias because people like Karl go around slandering me, that I will not tolerate. You want me to kill myself Adri? I won’t. Someone close to me did clock out early and the day before that and the day after that happened I was a different person. One of those things. I don’t understand what happened. Adria, you fucking referenced that because it’s a nerve and you used that to inflict damage. That is the behavior of a sociopath. I am frustrated, I can have a temper but don’t 99.9% of the time. I don’t go around acting like a sociopath in the manner in which you are. I have outbursts. But I don’t try and force someone to kill themselves with harassment worse than the slander Karl’s brand represents. Karl, I’ll namecheck you 80000 times over the remainder of my life since that is what you want. Double down again, mob. Gaslight me, I’ll gaslight myself. Give me a match

People who mess with me. People like Taco [redacted], don’t get me started on his dealings. Think he knows who Adria is? If he did I would be 0.00% shocked. People like that HATE me. Karl, you hate me deep within that is why you won’t let this go. Look up the definition of the mob Karl. Have your attorney explain to you why I am being an asshole with respect to your harassment. Ask your attorney to shut me up. Oh that is right I am expressing free speech. You go around destroying my professional reputation for kicks. I don’t enjoy roasting you. That is the difference between you and me. I am acting like a dick. Ignored this. Privately let people know I was extra offended. 8, 9, 14 decades coming at you. Julie fake ass problem solver, you got some strange quotes I can do 50 pages about your strange article, you not following rules. Just this September you had a whole crazy ass article I can take all sorts out of context. Read another article about YOU Julike like in 2015 or 2016 when people wouldn’t leave me be. Didn’t have much to scratch together in 2014 or 2015 when I ignored this harassment Julie. Annabel whatever your name is jamcruise non director. Ignore this some more. Please try and gaslight me, that will get me riled up 10x worse than ignoring me when you try to send deputies (whom I love) to my front door. Told that cop to his face over the phone I love you but I don’t trust you because of my interactions of 3 decades. I can think back to being like 12, minding my own business not being a deliquent, when cops would constantly mess with us. Minding my own business some guy asking me if I have any drugs on me? Do you know what I said? I said yes. Do you know why? Because I didn’t. It was a check of his power. Balancing out his ego trip. I am like 12 won’t have any pubes on my chin for another 6 years. Why are you accosting me worse than Karl’s bassplayer Chris [redacted], sir? Julie Jamcruise send a welfare check on me. I am not psychotic. I am acting crazy because your mob, born on your leased vessel in January of 2014 wouldn’t let me be. Karl the faggot is going around insinuating I am in love with Brock Butler of Perpetual Groove. Wonder if he has any thoughts on this proxy battle? He is a public figure, I have check. B-rock, Karl is fighting your fight. You want to defame me too or just want him to slander and libel me? Karl I am going to rhyme you into oblivion for 365 years. I’ll let up for 1 year when you pass, as DJ steps up and takes off on the DJ Williams Tiny Universe. I think I can namecheck Chris Stillwell. You are a public musician playing for someone who is a well known person. Chris, you are defaming me. I am offended. When this goes to court, ignore that I have said publicly 500 different ways that I find your slander to be offensive. That is how long I have to put together 365 years of material. 250 years from now my rants on China may or may not be topical, we’ll see who was right. Think they are going to hold onto power for that long once we drop our stick?? Ever think of stuff other than hating me and being spiteful Karl the (probably) homosexual? Grunge is super trendy this year, been reading all these factoids about 25 year old plus or minus albums that are good but not representative of that scene. Sub this, SS that. Getting us primed for boxsets, reissues. My heroes need to pay for college tuition for their kids probably need a new kitchen. I am teasing. 2018 has been a great year for reviving music on account of so many people passing in 2017. Bittersweet is how I would describe it. I’d rather have people alive than me distracted for 4 minutes listening to some song. Fricken fingers are misfiring this morning, just the tiniest fraction of a second off, my fingers are not listening to my brain and it is messing my whole flow up. I am not even going to finish wherever I was going with this page. Going to go sulk about my situation and clip some tiny bonsai leaves I am trying to ramify instead of typing. Dumb ass keyboard is getting my nerves mixed up

Psychological priming that is a fun word like Karl poisoning my well by insinuating I am a faggot and that the other guy who I am a faggot with is also a faggot. In Karl’s world he is only belittling me. That whole self righteous, entitled, I can walk all over people I think are mentally challenged thing. Remember when you thought you were going to walk all over me lark? The demos, alternate lyrics, seeing songs take shape. Mad Season expanded, best damn grunge supergroup (sorry Temple, sorry Audioslave). Ever did an introspective boxset mobsters? Read a thing about the Glorified G song (lecture incoming) yesterday, oh, that is why that drummer didn’t stick around. Personality clashed. Up and Adam, that expression is dumber than a door nail holding in a pen of polyurethane pigs in Bahrain. Where is Eve? Why isn’t she up. Did something happen to Eve? We should send out a lookout party. Party of 12 for eve dufraim. Ever be thinking of something and a really funny joke punches you in the brain and you laugh out loud because there is no association between the refrain. Maybe I was watching standup last week and this anvil fell down and interrupted my membrane. ADHD, I’ll take another helping of that please. Trying to think of foods that will magically fix my vision. Do you know the whole carrot thing is a myth? It is how the British tricked the Germans into not knowing how good our systems were at detecting them. In fact, they had to sabotage themselves and at times they could not attack the enemy, because it would blow their cover since they had no plausible deniability. That is a word we’ll be using in court if this gets that far, or certainly when our attorney’s are hashing out this nonsense at like $140 per hour. You make that much Karl? I don’t. Not predictably anyway. Where was I, Karl is a punk and he is the ring leader of a mob, new at page eleven (your days are numbered Adria’s brain)

No disrespect to Nirvana, but I think the heartbreakers might be my favorite, studio band and my route 66 into Nashville (a radio hit I know, but it’s that driving bassline bam bam bam, percussion is keeping time just fine, just a slow steady assault that lasts longer than than Vultures when the backwards groove is working, people with ears hear it too. What gets me is the subtle drumming on the metal stands, never seen that but I am sure I have heard it 60 different ways). More than one opportunity I had to see them live I just couldn’t find the effort, where would be without mp3’s & compressed youtube audio. I want to be reincarnated as a bass guitar of some 14 year old punk in his mom’s friends basement dusting off old records finding his muse. People who search for that are uninspired. Ever have a literal mob of people harass you and then you don’t care if you shut up or not. They think they are reading a documentary, an autobiographical funnyman diary, wait til Jamuary I say

I am going to forgive Adria, whatever their small petty issue is, with an artificial bonsai. I am 100% sincere. No hug, no handshake, no apology tour. No f you either. Apathy is what I have for you, once we reveal your gender mask. Fake hater, can’t even rhyme your email last week or was that another alias the Karl mob inspired. One of those nice jade ones of a weeping willow. No water no sunshine, you can put it on a sunny desk and it will grow up just like an outdoor tree should if it were made of your favorite color. I peg you as a black favorite color person Adria, but I bet you like turquoise don’t you. Not feminine, gender neutral. I bet Adria has some issues with their own sexuality that is why they joke on me for mentioning one sentence about how I was happy that one of my friends, a previous crossdressing punk, is now becoming more of themselves. I said one thing and in their fake profile they setup specifically to harass me (that is what you inspire Karl that is why I am pissed), they used their alias to express their views of hate. He/she, I don’t want to seem derogatory by using the wrong misnomer but they know my heart is with theirs. I don’t care about their plight anymore than then anyone else cares about my fight against a literal mob. You live in the bible belt Adria? Is TN in the bible belt?

That is America’s favorite tree you know. Ask anyone their favorite color (blue, liar), and their favorite tree, willow. Green, black, hybrid? I think your favorite might be the corkscrew willow. Some dude, I read this on some bonsai thing, found this tree in his backyard or somewhere near his pond. And he was like will you look at this shit. A genetic difference I can exploit worse than Karl exploits me for financial gain, this guy is doing something positive. Dude, I am just paraphrasing, makes like 100,000 of these before he even tells anybody. Corners the market before he predicts it. Reminds me of that chick that imported the Bahama Berry. I got two of them haha, if the big one makes it I am going to make my own cuttings. Thing looks fake with the leaves so shiny. It arrived (thank you nursery for taking exceptional care) with one little said orange fruit on it. They call it the pineapple tree, but I smell citrus. Perseverance is what that tree will represent when I add it to my compost

That underdog trope never gets old huh. A mob forms out of emotion and attacks a defenseless, oblivious, pathetic, weak man. Notice how they don’t pick on the guy with the neck tattoo? Just saying. They pick on the (then) 123 lb guy having issues. Decide they are literally going to destroy this person (not all of them mind you, but mobs sort of by definition don’t typically have leaders, but this mob does am I right unleaded?). Joke is on them, I am 128 now & putting on muscle. In my forearms, and also in my shoulders and I am trying to work on my core. Karl do you ever do non forearm exercises? Must be tiring standing up there all night blowing hot air. You are never going to take a seat. That autistic streak I see it in you from my armchair rock czar. Man that joke never gets old because it is literally the first adjective people use to describe him, some variation of “his arms are ripped”, ask anyone. He knows this, he has oversized forearms. Not one one arm either, it was intentional. Haha. I will rhyme on him til the date I die if he doesn’t let up. He hates me. I love him (in a christian sort of way). He hates me even more for saying that. Thought I was going to off myself probably, keep provoking me Karl I am not giving up now. Not when this MS shit, no way Karl, I am going to see how this ends. Right Annabel Julie McCoy who doesn’t know anything about the original harassment, nor how far it has escalated, nor how much I am prepared to fight this for the next 10 decades. Read this morning a science article (or maybe it was botany) where they were talking about how they can determine your expiration date, based on how fast or how slow one of your DNA markers (the cytosine one). Some dude had an identical twin and they wanted to see if there were chemical differences that made one super straight, and the other not so. Instead, what they found was this change in that c word. Then, get this, they went back in time from people who had (unfortunately) passed on, and tested their blood to disprove their hypothesis. Proved themselves wrong and figured out something in the process.

Man ignores, doesn’t react. Mob continues to provoke man. Classic tale as old as people projecting. I am optimistic that my eyeballs will start functioning properly so I can be in snakeville with a little less trepidation soon. Either way, the weatherman should be sending these overfriendly serpents underground. Do they even see their own shadow? Get off my porch slithering stick

What is new with me this morning, mob. I am sleeping in, brainstorming my first real assault this Jamuary that I can sustain until I slight the grimreaper, trying that rest thing talking heads write full length books about. I can literally feel fatigue slowly getting out of my headspace (thanks for your concern mobsters & onlookers) one week to the next. I get dog tired standing in direct sun, but less so if it is chilly. Must be the temperature like they talk about. Honestly some days I have been so tired all I can do is sit down all day. Rest is for suckers. No reprieve. I am super thankful and feel blessed that I do not have any pain (short of really quick impulses that I haven’t felt since July, I wrote this shit down somewhere), no spasms, no real numbness to speak of but I guess that is related. Bladder problems? That is the last thing I need disrupting my kidneys which are probably on overtime filling that quarry. Can’t wait to drive across state lines and hand my retirement savings over to a defamation law firm

In the mean time, I will be setting up a dedicated url where I can get harassed by the jamcruise born Karl Denson mob for speaking up about being harassed endlessly, without sabotaging my art hobby. Winging this as I go, next stop pivotville. Trademark people are getting get worked up if I use the word “jamcruise” or “karldenson” in the mob url, so I need to be a little tongue and cheek as they say

I grabbed several domains (legally) for domains nobody thought were worth anything. I have said this multiple times, those people can have those domains back once this is resolved

I grabbed those so you knew I could afford legal representation, what did I pay like $3900 for those? You can give my attorney $3900 in legal fees or your suits can work out something with my suit(s) or ladypant(s). Or you can make equivalent donations to an anti-bullying campaign or charity of your choosing. I don’t want one penny from them that was money wasted

What did I do? Prank you with them? Redirect them to donaldtrump? Prank me mob, misinterpret everything for years, harass me for years, use my reactions and my abrasive way of shining a lovelight on your harassment against you

Yellow Ledbetter > Star Spangled Banner > Fake Encore > Get your ass back up here >

Pearl Jam should do a bakers residency at MSG and have Phish emcee !?

Phish vs Pearl Jam
A collaboration for the ages, bam, bam, then for the 3rd set they just improv

opposite ends of the specter

completely unrelated, but the reason Nirvana was so poetic is because they broke their instruments before they could afford to, yeah they didn’t bust up their prized ones I bet, but just the symbolism of putting a stopper in it, and breaking (relatively) expensive equipment, with rawness, all improv. It wasn’t about the instruments or the destruction, that was their exclamation point

One night the other opens, they do a coinflip

Neither band knows when their slot is called

then, they can pick song titles (within reason) out of a hat, tuning and what have you not all bands have a guitar tech for every member

Jack White (someone with autism you can make fun of mob) did a tour with 2 backing bands recently if I recall
one night the all guy band played, the next night the all female

I don’t know if he explained what he was doing with the audience, I didn’t follow up or catch that run

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people too small to resolve simple misunderstandings,
harbor shitty grudges & form mobs, more at eleven

[Petty vs Mom’s Spaghetti]

Hey, take a back seat old man philosophizer
You got rhymes & lines & autistic dance moves,
it doesn’t mean you aren’t a flagrant sax playing liar

Currently I can’t throw away everything for representation,
not now, not at this current juncture, not after my tribulations,
however, that doesn’t preclude me from affording it in the future



A perfect stimming art piece for decompressing from dumb work meetings & life

Order your favorite colors right this second (no sales pressure)

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####html skills are a bit rusty

I launched the Colordripper on February 14th, 2017. Since then the basic formula had 1 major pivot, and in 2018 I have found even finer glitter and more vibrant inks to please your retinas


With exceptions, they mostly appeal to people with sensory issues, or fine folks on the autism spectrum who are distracted easily by moving colors or lava lamps (they know I love them). That limited demographic appeal is what keeps them on the downlow so it’s a nice marriage. Plus, if I sell too many it will become monotonous

Each colordripper is hand-filled by yours truly in Virginia with household ingredients. Some people prefer pastel if using them in therapy for SPD for example, whereas barefoot hippies might want something with a little more punch

If you have specific colors, or want something soft & pastel, or something with more pizzazz let me know. If you have a specific request I will fill it by hand, so please allow up to a couple of days for order processing & I am happy to oblige

They are available on Etsy or on their own fancy website at

Starting at about 10 bucks or less — which is only about 2x the other ones cost — each dripper is about the size & weight of a smart phone. They are a perfect handheld contrivance to keep on a shelf for when your crazy cousin comes over, or to distract oneself for short intervals

This product is really a beachhead, if you want me to use a water crashing against the tides type metaphor. If I ever get my hands on some used injection equipment. I am really hoping 3D printing will come out with a more translucent material that melds together somehow and allows me to pop different shapes and ideas out on command

These are not like the ones your Grandma used to buy you



I made about a dozen of these as an idea I’ll have to expand on. I think I got most of my rhymes out of my system for now, maybe not. Most of these pieces have an opaque background that let shine through making them “pop”. You can’t see it. I did some that were transparent but they looked cheaper than Adria the Aliases shortstop; Ha. I need to find a semi-translucent material so you can look through them as a viewer, with the obfuscated world cropped

If I can space a place in between, using a mirrored background behind a gap it looks interesting & odd;
If the colors are transparent enough, it becomes surreal with light shining back through its top
Imagine a subtle shadow of the image you see, projecting back into your handheld snapshot

it’s like the opposite of a keleidoscope, just trying to push back against the boundaries of the canvas a bit

2 dimensional images don’t capture this non-interactive desktop Pollock-esque epoxy block,
1 inch + is how thick they should be, a slab of marbled pieces of plastic layers brainwashed into an unskewered kabob
3 different things playing about, depending on your perspective. I don’t have the tools, or experience, or materials (yet?)

to do some of the ideas in my crockpot
still can’t fire myself from my job

The one on the top, 2nd from left is like 5 layers deeper than a sock sweatshop, each filled with tiny larger-than-microscopic microbeads and iridescent flakes that glint and gleam glare in the facade

The bottom row, second from right is a glitter ball that still cameras do not see
With every size of microbead I have sourced from the Orient filling its seas,
All of the texture overflowing among the patterned 2/8” wave of epoxy

Top right is nicest if you ask me; it is intentional & shows humanity
Nothing against the cup pourers who rely heavily on gravity
These have a window of maybe 2/4 hour before, finality

The drying time provides a blessing or a tragedy
Although, I’d say that is the wrong mentality

My cups is overfloweth, what is the hurry
Paying for each cut, a opposite of cheap
I need my own equipment for full sheets

To justify the heavy oversized freight fees,
I have to then order a literal ton of acrylic xyz
Oh, the shit I would construct if I had my own CNC

I have the space and even an idea. But then life is a bully
Oh you are going to kick me in the eyesockets, I mean really
Fine. I will do both. First, I’ll pivot and plant some stupid trees
I’ll work on some of these ideas one of those days wait and see
that is what I tell myself, believe you me

Rhyming is easy, doesn’t mean it makes sense

talk is cheap, free even

Who wants this poem for
190 thousand dollars?

I will pay you back
with interest
in 10 yrs



Select works inspired by music & rhymes

While many titles are borrowed from lyrics, these are re-imagined from specific poems or songs.



A few dreamy imaginings, the type you’d think about when it is dreary outside or you are chained to a computer desk




As communication becomes exponentially digital, people appreciate it when we make the effort to snail-mail an analog message.

I have just shy of 100 eco-friendly postcards available with plenty of whitespace on the back. At 4" x 6" postal regulation size, they can be mailed anywhere in the world for relatively little. Heck, you don't even have to use them for mailing.

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This growing line of art stationery perfectly captures the vibrancy in my paintings. And they are printed on paper that feels as good as it looks. But don't take my word. Review hundreds of reviews on Etsy

I received my postcards and they were great, exactly what I expected! Shipped right away and packaged in a way that they wouldn’t get damaged. They are going to make a great addition to my gallery wall I am composing for my home!
My postcards arrived in record time with extra goodies that made me laugh out loud. Postcards are glorious. Fabulous colors. I’ve already mailed out 20 of them and the responses have been great. So pleased with my purchase!
  • 4" x 6" fine art postcards

  • ideal for stationery or for mailing

  • professionally printed on 14 pt cardstock

  • 50% post consumer recycled waste

  • vibrant colors, smudge free finish

  • buy direct at wholesale prices




I don't fancy myself an amateur photographer, but from time to time I capture light »



Another unifinished series I didn't start. One of these days if I find the time, I have a vision for this project



When I am into it, I like to post new digital stuff. These works and rough ideas are created from scratch, or are mash-ups of my own work or pictures. Occasionally I also incorporate photographs that are public domain, or have a creative commons attached (in which case, the source would be noted). By sticking to a weekly routine I am able to explore a lot of different things. A mob of people gave me grief for my fractals, so for that reason, I’ll keep working on this series even while I let them think they are getting to me. A sun tzu says what, Karl?

All of my "fractals" are released under a 4.0 attribution-noncommercial creative commons. This means you can download, share, remix, adapt, or reuse them as you see fit, with my explicit permission, provided you credit me as the original source AND do not generate revenue directly from my work. School project? Perfectly okay. Looking for artwork for your album or other project? Let's chat.



When not slinging paint, I sometimes but not as much as I would like to play with water and oil. This is an idea I haven’t done much since June 2nd, 2017 when my final gig was interrupted. Lightshows, for me personally, are more about hanging out and joking around with people than making a pretty piece of art. For me they aren’t really supposed to last. I could get lost in photographing liquids everyday. Don’t confuse delicate photographed compositions with the messy analog projections, those should really be separated. View liquid light videos & images »