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Colorful abstract & improvisational artwork by former starving artist Brian Moss

Brian Moss Art - Colorful Improvisational Ink Art, Liquid Lights & Nonsense

Explore the colorful pen and ink paintings, symmetrical fractals, photos of liquid lights, and fluid artwork by Brian Moss

📃 painting info

The first in a new series. Nov. — Dec., 2018 (unfinished?). 20” x 30”, pen & ink, oil, various household chemicals.

 👓 Perpetual Proxy Provocations Propagate Pranks, Pressurizing Prior Private Precedents Into Rue & Skewed Puny🍍Produce

👓 Perpetual Proxy Provocations Propagate Pranks, Pressurizing Prior Private Precedents Into Rue & Skewed Puny🍍Produce

What is in a website? Mostly self aggrandizing self promotion in disguise


If you are looking for an official artist statement it is in the mail


Here is some mediocre pen & ink work from 2011 - 2014

📃 short blurb on this section

Note, one of these was painted in 2015, threw a curveball at ya. It’s the sublime rip off for the unimaginative. This band busted into an impromptu cover of that song, so I lit the painting I was working on, on fire. For all my ~2 hour paintings, that looks the most raw. That is the type of thing I don’t finish by design. I have an allotted amount of time and then band stops playing and I carry it over to another set or say enough. Context. I was on the grass & wasn’t painting “live” on display for anyone thinking I would accidentally light a stage on fire. A little 99.99% isopropyl alcohol which I was working with that day and a bic lighter was all it took

📃 A rap rambler says what?

I have made probably in the order of 300 paintings in my life time, more when I think back depending on what qualifies as such, and lots of other stuff mostly unfinished. Usually I don’t feel like putting weeks or months into something and I get distracted and move on. I think some of them are not too bad though. Scroll down deeper, or view a selection of this seasons brian moss paintings »

Coming this winter I am going to do an temporary exhibit of my old doodles, collages, my abstract paintings at age 10 or 13

One of these days I am going to remove all the text on my website and just have images speak for themselves



A perfect stimming art piece for decompressing from dumb work meetings & life

Order your favorite colors right this second (no sales pressure)

I launched the Colordripper on February 14th, 2017. Since then the basic formula has had 1 major pivot, and in 2018 I have found even finer glitter and more vibrant inks to please your retinas


With exceptions, they mostly appeal to people with sensory issues, or fine folks on the autism spectrum who are distracted easily by moving colors or lava-like lamps (they know I love them)

That limited demographic appeal is what keeps them on the downlow so it’s a nice marriage. Plus, if I sell too many it will become monotonous

📃 continue sales speech

Each colordripper is hand-filled by yours truly in Virginia with household ingredients. Some people prefer pastel if using them in therapy for SPD for example, whereas barefoot hippies might want something with a little more psychedelic punch, with all the usual suspects

If you have specific colors, or want something soft & muted, or something with more pizzazz let me know, if you even feel like ordering. If you have a specific request I will fill it by hand, so please allow up to a couple of days for order processing & I am happy to oblige

They are available on Etsy or on their own fancy website, visit to learn more

Starting at about 10 bucks or less — which is only about 2x what the other ones cost — each dripper is about the size & weight of a smart phone. They are a perfect handheld contrivance to keep on a shelf for when your crazy cousin comes over, or to distract oneself for short intervals. Life is crazy am I right

This product is really a beachhead, if you want me to use a water crashing against the tides type literary vessel. If I ever get my hands on some used injection equipment. I am really hoping 3D printing will come out with a more translucent material that melds together somehow and allows me to pop different shapes and ideas out on command. I have ideas for flat shapes if I can justify the overhead of buying a cnc machine, I digress. One idea I have for a liquid art display that has no practical application for is to hack and glue thousands of dollars of acrylic together, oh forget it I will just do it one of these days

These are not like the ones your Grandma used to buy you



📃 hit me again

I made about a dozen of these as an idea I’ll have to expand on. I think I got most of my rhymes out of my system for now, maybe not. Most of these pieces have an opaque background that let shine through making them “pop”

You can’t see it. Picture it. The presentation doesn’t look great. I need a cnc machine. I need to find a semi-translucent material so you can look through them as a viewer, with the obfuscated world as a background, cropped, I have experimented with a lot of material but I am not good at what I am doing yet

If I can space a place in between, using a mirrored background behind a gap it looks interesting & odd;If the colors are transparent enough, it becomes surreal with light shining back through its top
Imagine a subtle shadow of the image you see, projecting back into your handheld abstracted snapshot, so you are seeing a subtle double of the top layer as the line traverses the textured layer of plexiglass and back into itself, distorted worse than a misshaped prism. Steal my idea


it’s like the opposite of a keleidoscope, a mixed media juxtaposition of layered colors and intentionally distorting the light beams by stressing the middle layer of material with chemistry or something smart like etching. just trying to push back against the boundaries of the canvas a bit, a viewfinder, an art piece

2 dimensional images won’t capture this non-interactive desktop Pollock-esque epoxy illusion block

1 inch + is how thick they should be, a slab of marbled pieces of plastic layers brainwashed into an unskewered kabob

3 different things playing about, depending on your perspective. I don’t have the tools, or experience, or material budget yet

I've got ideas for days but no market to sell my wares, is the world ready for some of my ideas?

to do some of the ideas in my crockpot
still can’t fire myself from my nine to five, making progress

The one on the top, 2nd from left is like 5 layers deeper than a sock sweatshop, each filled with tiny larger-than-microscopic microbeads and iridescent flakes that glint and gleam glare in the facade. Each of these has a lot of depth, but I am not that happy with the presentation so I gave them away or have them around

A few of the liquid filled paintings I have shared are the neatest thing I have ever made, but let's not get ahead of ourselves

📃 rhymes about epoxy & botany

The bottom row, second from right is a glitter ball that still cameras do not see
With every size of microbead I have sourced from the Orient filling its seas,
All of the texture overflowing among the patterned 2/8” wave of epoxy

Top right is nicest if you ask me; it is intentional & shows humanity
Nothing against the cup pourers who rely heavily on gravity
whose stuff looks more organic, but less human than mine
These have a window of maybe 2/4 hour before, finality

The drying time provides a blessing or a tragedy
Although, I’d say that is the wrong mentality

My cups is overfloweth, what is the hurry
Paying for each cut, a opposite of cheap
I need my own equipment for full sheets
To justify the heavy oversized freight fees,
I have to then order a literal ton of acrylic xyz
Oh, the shit I would construct if I had my own CNC
I have the space and even an idea. But then life is a bully
Oh you are going to kick me in the eyesockets, I mean really
I can barely paint I can’t operate a heavy equipment machine
Fine. I will do both. First, I’ll pivot and plant some stupid trees
I’ll work on some of these ideas one of those days wait and see
that is what I tell myself, believe you me

Rhyming is easy, doesn’t mean it makes sense

talk is cheap, free even

Who wants this poem for 174 thousand dollars?

I will pay you back
with interest
in 10 yrs

I’ll use it & build a 50 acre botanical garden from scratch
50 areas, each named after a U.S. state (and also Puerto Rico)
an art arboretum for the downtrodden, it’s like 50 football fields
it would be a paint by numbers, using saplings as the brush strokes
the type of big idea that takes a lifetime for one crazy artist to work on
Land is 119, tractor is 15, taxes, incidentals, construction of a green house
Trees, those don’t come free unless you find an acorn. I can think of 50 ideas,
on how to generate small amounts of revenue even with pay-as-you-want pricing

A public space by the people, for the people, 50 gardens and not one mention of DC

A space where people can get their hands dirty & plant a memorial tree, honoring their,
fallen heroes, their partners in crime, their fill in the blank. Don’t have a yard, come plant a,
tree in our space, for a low price of about $25 it’ll be your tree, with up to 3 initials (optional)

I started planting stuff in my yard and I think it’s fun, something to do. I don’t know anything about,
botany, but I’m a fast reader. I am also good at rhyming, but that is inconsequential to every thing!?



Select works inspired by music & rhymes

📃 bonus round

While many titles are borrowed from lyrics, these are re-imagined from specific poems or songs. This font below is too Gothic, it’s obnoxious even. I think it looks cool, but it’s a distraction and shouldn’t be used in place of a simple-serif if you are starting a fledgling postcard empire

A Numb Conscience Poem PaintingAll along the watchtower

All Along the watchtower (dylan)



A few dreamy imaginings, the type you’d think about when it is dreary outside or you are chained to a computer desk, and you know it’s nice outside because you have eyes, but your timeclock says nope, and you can’t afford to get canned so you just keep on punching that timecard




As communication becomes exponentially digital, people appreciate it when we make the effort to snail-mail an analog message.

I have 100+ eco-friendly postcards available with plenty of whitespace on the back. At 4" x 6" postal regulation size, they can be mailed anywhere in the world for relatively little. Heck, you don't even have to use them for mailing.

View all card designs »



This growing line of art stationery perfectly captures the vibrancy in my paintings. And they are printed on paper that feels as good as it looks. But don't take my word. Review hundreds of reviews on Etsy

I received my postcards and they were great, exactly what I expected! Shipped right away and packaged in a way that they wouldn’t get damaged. They are going to make a great addition to my gallery wall I am composing for my home!
My postcards arrived in record time with extra goodies that made me laugh out loud. Postcards are glorious. Fabulous colors. I’ve already mailed out 20 of them and the responses have been great. So pleased with my purchase!
  • 4" x 6" fine art postcards

  • ideal for stationery or for mailing

  • professionally printed on 14 pt cardstock

  • 50% post consumer recycled waste

  • vibrant colors, smudge free finish

  • buy direct at wholesale prices




I don't fancy myself an amateur photographer, but from time to time I capture light »



📃 another unfinished series I didn't start.

One of these days if I find the time, I have a vision for this project that involves spray paint, lots of compressed air, and a twist on the “live” part of live painting. I want to do a speed airbrush painting, capturing the colors on the lights in (somewhat) real time, blocking out simple triangles all within a short 2 hour window or however long the band even plays for. Just a quick raw burst, a moment captured in time before machines take over and tell us which art we can enjoy. These are rough sketches, not paintings. This is an idea, this isn’t a series of paintings that will be hanging in some fancy museum, I like the raw look but I will add more detail and put more effort into them now that I have space to paint my heart out. Airbrushing is super loud, the compressor. What I want to do is get a big tank of co2, like welders have, and take that to a fest and use compressed air to move paint. That’s one idea, you can borrow that idea



📃 yada yada

When I am into it, I like to mashup digital stuff. These works and rough ideas are created from scratch, or are rearrangements of my own work or pictures. I just break apart an image or rework it, I don’t know. Occasionally I also incorporate photographs that are public domain, or have a creative commons attached (in which case, the source would be noted)

All of my "fractals" are released under a 4.0 attribution-noncommercial creative commons. This means you can download, share, remix, adapt, or reuse them as you see fit, with my explicit permission, provided you credit me as the original source AND do not generate revenue directly from my work. School project? Perfectly okay. Looking for artwork for your album or other project? If you aren’t in a mob, you can use my art see if I care. I am open to licensing my work for most anything, provided it’s not violent, sexual, derogatory. If you need custom imagery or want to use something I have created for some thing, let's chat

View a grid of the past 30 or sort by reverse chronological or start in mismatched order



📃 when not ocassionally slinging paint ...

... I sometimes but not as much as I would like to play with water and oil. This is an idea I haven’t done much since June 2nd, 2017 when my last gig was interrupted. Lightshows, for me personally, are more about hanging out and joking around with people than making a pretty piece of art. The liquid light playshops I hosted at various festivals throughout the mid-alatnic. The rock shows I always tried to take serious, but would typically sabotage myself or get frustrated with this that or the other. For me they aren’t really supposed to last. The rock n roll lightshows were very raw, intuitive even. I could get lost in photographing liquids everyday, which is a good reason not to. Don’t confuse delicate photographed compositions with the messy analog projections, those should really be separated. Organization, who needs it. View liquid light videos & images »

If your band or organization needs custom liquid light imagery in colors of your choosing, hit me up. I am not as good with the video stuff, but I can do that too or I can throw some references at you of other light artists who might be more apt. These were created with liquids and haven’t been touched up, or edited. I think I have an eye for color, that’s what I think I bring to the table