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Colorful abstract & improvisational artwork by former starving artist Brian Moss

Prevent me From Starving

Support artist Brian Moss with the purchase of art cards, signed prints, or licensed products including abstract art throw pillows, stickers, iphone cases, and more



My line of art cards are professionally printed on eco friendly paper, locally in the states. Orders placed on this site are processed Monday - Thursday. For U.S. customers, complimentary 3-5 day shipping is included on all orders over $10. I have quantity discounts starting at just 25 cards, with reseller wholesale pricing available.

The proceeds of postcard sales primarily go towards art supplies: a smidgen of paint, a few drops of ink. Your support has a direct & meaningful impact, and quite literally funds future art as well as other creative endeavors.






Introducing liquid motion oil drip timers, remixed for the 21st century.

These are filled by hand in small batches with varying formulas, so no two are identical. Each features up to 4 base colors creating a liquid kaleidoscope which you control with the movement of your hands. Or flip them over and watch the colored layers dance. Great for autism stimming, sensory therapy, or play!

Order them in your favorite colors at Pricing starts at about $10, with quantity discounts available on orders of 3 or more.





I have dozens of 8½ x 11 inch giclée prints in my shop for $12, with more being added semi-regularly. They are each hand numbered out of editions of 100, and signed by yours truly. Shop now »





I have licensed my art for use on a number of products including: throw pillows, stickers, iPhone skins & galaxy cases, art leggings, spiral notebooks, hippie dresses, abstract duvet covers, graphic art t-shirts and more. I'll trim back categories that don't resonate.

By partnering with companies who manufacturer quality products on demand, I avoid common retail problems a small artist would face such as overstock or seasonality, and can offer a larger selection at lower prices. Since they're doing most of the heavy lifting, I am happy with a small markup. Best of all, this allows me to spend more time on art.


100% of my proceeds from Redbubble sales (about 10-25% of the retail price) are donated to, in memory of a friend. This organization aids people in times of crisis with helplines and provides free suicide awareness. Currently the donations are relatively trivial, but like a seed, or a splatter of paint, with a little nurture this may grow into something larger than the sum.

If you ever find yourself at the end of a rope, tie a knot and hang on. Qualified people are available by phone, or text.



A sampling of wares & wearables (click to view category):


If you have any questions or want to say hi, or if you would like to license any of my work for commercial use, reach out.

Requests for original studio paintings are welcome by art collectors and galleries.


Need a hand? The shop FAQ page covers most topics, but don't hesitate to get in touch with me