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Colorful abstract & improvisational artwork by former starving artist Brian Moss

Improvisational Pen & Ink Paintings

Explore the colorful improvisational and free-flowing paintings by artist Brian Moss, most known for his pen & ink paintings, and for his vicious verbal assault on Karl the Mean Meme



Below is a sampling of mostly finished paintings out of hundreds I have stopped working on. I may revisit some of these, but probably won’t. I feel like some of my work is 90% complete, but I can’t tell. I guess it is subjective. At some point you move on. They are encapsulating little moments of interest.

I would like to organized them at some juncture.

I am going to catalog more of my work properly if I ever find the time. Or not. All my collages and doodles, drawings and mixed media stuff from my youth. Photoshop efforts, aged 18 or 20. I have some acrylic paintings aged 10 and some oils circa aged 12 that are just awful, but I don’t think any of that stuff is of interest to anybody sans maybe me.




I have tons of signed art prints available for $12 each. They are hand numbered, and are limited to an edition of 100. Grab them while they are available as I will not be reprinting any retired designs. Browse more »


This, and two of my other 20x30” studio paintings simply disappeared at a festival in upstate New York in September, 2013. Just one of those things that happens in life. I wasn’t even done with this one. Grew legs, and walked off, several months — coincidentally — prior to January 2014 when I had all sorts of bad luck that month and into that year.

Burora Aorealis

Burora Aorealis


Explore more of my paintings and artwork, and see what I am up to currently


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