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Colorful abstract & improvisational artwork by former starving artist Brian Moss

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Artist Brian Moss has reproduced nearly 100 of his colorful paintings & pen & ink artworks into beautiful 4" x 6" art postcards for mailing or stationery

The Triangle

Poetry inspired postcard - the triangle
Poetry inspired postcard - the triangle

The Triangle

  • card# P51
  • 4" x 6" (~10 x ~15 cm) card
  • heavyweight 14 pt cardstock
  • inspired by poem of the same name (below)
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The Triangle,
So sure, so familiar,
Takes a different shape at it's whim.
Whether equilateral,
Or something else instead,
You can never be sure.
But always sure that
That's what it is.
A triangle will remain
The lines too straight,
The angles too uniform
To call it something else,
Or to cause confusion.
That's science.
In a world of choice and change,
Indecision, harsh reality,
Subjective thought everywhere,
You can be sure of this:
A triangle is a triangle,
And it will always be so.

© Brittany Wyatt



In 2012 I was commissioned by Arizona poet Brittany Wyatt to do create artwork for her debut book  Memento Mori: When Ecclesiastes Sprouts Legs. We published 3 of my interpretative paintings based on her poems “The Triangle”, “Damage Done”, and “A Numb Conscience”. The former are available in postcards & the latter was made into a limited run of 50 signed prints. 

I painted the work above with acrylic and used ink to draw the outlines of the various triangular shapes.