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Colorful abstract & improvisational artwork by former starving artist Brian Moss

Prints FAQ

Information about BrianMossArt signed & numbered giclée prints, which are beautiful replications of his original paintings & artwork.

Thanks for your support & interest.

The signed giclée prints I have for sale are beautiful reproductions of my artwork. All of them are printed by me in-studio. I use premium paper which displays my brushstrokes and lines, and accurately replicates the original colors in stunning contrast.

Available as closed editions of 100 (or less), they will not be reprinted again as small prints. Each is numbered & signed by me in small black pen on the front.

I have some 'Frequently Asked Questions' below; if you have one not answered don't hesitate to get in touch.



Do you offer framing or matte options?


Not at this time. In order to make these affordable for everyone — even broke college kids — I am only producing them in standard letter size, loose without any matte or frames.

They are displayed on my website framed for illustration & aesthetics. Adding a heavy frame would make them costly when you account for the added shipping weight as well. Plus it gives you less options. By shipping them loose, you also have the choice of picking the right frame that suits your budget and/or decor, or can display it how you like.

I package them carefully in ziplock bags with cardboard inserts to keep them in immaculate condition.


Is 8.5" x 11" the only sizes available?


Yes, I am only offering signed prints in this size. In the future I may explore large stretch canvas prints, or metal prints, but I don't plan to offer larger paper prints. Standard letter size fits best with the aspect ratio that I typically paint in, and secondly, it is a common size giving you more framing choices if you don't get it professionally framed. Also, this size is compact and easier to ship, making costs more affordable, and allowing me to include the cost of shipping for U.S. orders.


Why do the prices feel low?


The quality of these prints is comparable to other prints you typically see selling for more. I don't feel that I am undervaluing my work. By printing these myself, by purchasing everything in bulk, and by minimizing other overheads, I am able to keep costs down. I didn't cut any corners out of these rectangles.

The vibrancy you see on your monitor is a good representation of the quality you will receive. And since these images are compressed for the web & I am using a 300 dpi image for printing, they look better in person.


Is shipping free on all U.S. orders?


Yes, shipping is included in the cost on all prints, for orders shipping to the United States. And I cover a small part of the cost of internationals shipping, so those rates are more reasonable.


How much is international shipping?


International shipping prices vary by country and are based on weight. You can calculate shipping in checkout — without entering any payment info — by first adding an item(s) to your cart. Note that the relative shipping costs come down significantly when ordering more than 1 prints.


How long does delivery take?


For orders shipping to the United States, (free) standard delivery averages 3-5 business days or less and includes tracking. A USPS 2-3 day priority is also available (prices vary on weight).

For international orders, shipping can take up to 3 weeks. View more info


So, you are only printing a limited number of each?


Correct-o-mondo. Planned obsolesence is built in. These are available as closed editions of one-hundred (100), or in some cases less. When their number is up, they are sent to a farm upstate and will not be reprinted. I will likely use some of the designs as art postcards, and in the future may look into large canvas prints, however.


Are they all signed by you?


Yes, indeed. All prints have been signed by me on the front in small pen, just under the edge of the image. In order to accurately show the colors, I have displayed each in a frame without the signature, but they all have my signature. They are also numbered (for example 33/100) on the front of the print.


Do you offer any bulk discounts?


Yes, I sure do. If you order 3 or more prints, you can save an additional 25% off the list price with code 3PRINT. This code is valid thru 12/31/17 on all new orders & must be entered at the time of checkout. This is only valid on my website & must be applied before entering payment.


Do you have gallery or reseller pricing?


Yes, if you represent a gallery or a artsy-fartsy storefront and would like reseller pricing, or if you need to purchase a lot for corporate gifts or for collectors, get in touch.



If you have a question or need a hand reach out. If you have any special order requests or instructions, there is also a spot for that in checkout